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The Vladivostok thought have decided to change mind

and to seal up

the Next scandal has burst round a municipal duma of Vladivostok. Yesterday in the morning employees of the device and deputies could not get on workplaces as their offices have been sealed up under the order vitse - mayor Yury Uspangalieva. Representatives of the mayoralty explain it necessity of carrying out of repair for premises of a thought and maintenance of safety of the municipal property. Deputies consider that executive power does all that the city representative body and has not earned.
the municipal duma of Vladivostok selected still in June, has not started to work till now. Three attempts to hold the first session have failed from - for rigid oppositions of two deputy blocks - one is supervised by the deputy of the State Duma, eks - the mayor of Vladivostok Victor Cherepkov, and the second is close to the present mayor of the regional centre Yury Kopylov. Each of the contradictory parties insists on election as the speaker of the representative and on concessions does not go. After at session on September, 18th Victor Cherepkova`s supporters have broken quorum, the beginning of work of a thought has been transferred for December, 18th.
the workers Who were yesterday on service of the device of a thought and deputies have found out that their offices are sealed up. In goradministratsii to them have explained that it is made according to the order vitse - the mayor, the head of department of the municipal property Yury Uspangalieva About transfer on responsible storage of uninhabited premises about Sukhanov`s street, 3, occupied with a thought of Vladivostok . Another vitse - the mayor, Vasily Sherengovoj, at a meeting with employees of the device has declared that the thought will start to function not earlier than December, 18th, therefore, that officials did not stay idle, they will be directed for work to regional administrations of Vladivostok with salary preservation, and to deputies will give offices in a mayoralty building.
And in the thought premises which property is transferred to responsible storage of MUP PZHRET #3, will repair system of water heating. in a thought the chairman who is authorised to provide safety of municipal property is not selected and to carry out accurately - administrative functions. Therefore, that anything it has not been plundered, was not pjanok - parties, and such decision " is accepted; - mister Sherengovoj has explained. Not you our employer, - Julia Chichaeva has tried to object the deputy chief of legal department of a thought. - We were employed by a thought, instead of city administration. Your actions concerning employees of the device are illegal. And under repair there is no necessity because major repairs " two years ago were carried out;. If you consider that your rights are broken, address in court - cut off vitse - mayor Sherengovoj.
it was soon found out that as an occasion to the decision to seal up a thought premise the letter of eight deputies has served mayor Kopylov in whom they asked effectively to use the device of a thought before election of the chairman . Our colleagues have not counted a situation. They worried about that the device got wages. But their letter was used as a pretext by those forces which are not interested in normal functioning of a thought. How we, deputies, will work now without the device? How to prepare documents? How to us voters will address? - deputy Valery Koroljuk was perplexed in conversation with the correspondent. We will achieve thought returning in own premises - deputy Dmitry Novikov spoke. However deputies have not accepted yesterday the decision on reciprocal actions. the deputy case is split, it and have used - mister Koroljuk has explained.
Mayor Yury Kopylov, however, does not consider that the mayoralty has admitted any infringements, having moved a thought. there are no problems. Deputies will select the chairman and together with the device will return on Sukhanov, 3 - he has declared.