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The Central Electoral Committee punishes debtors

Having deprived of their right to free propaganda

the Russian ecological party Green and world and unity Party will not be admitted to a toss-up of a free broadcasting time and will not receive the free printing areas. Such decision was accepted yesterday at the session by the Central Electoral Commission of Russia. Both parties are punished that have not paid off with the debts which have collected during the previous Duma campaign.
at the yesterday`s session the Central Electoral Commission (Central Electoral Committee) has considered the problem on the parties which have not paid off with debts since the previous election campaign. Free time and the printing areas in the state mass-media have been given all participants of elections to Duma of 1999. But selective associations which by results of voting have typed less than 2 % of votes, should according to the law About elections of deputies of the State Duma to return to the press money for free propaganda. However have made it not all.
originally debtors was 32. But for yesterday of the parties which have run into debt money and blocks remains only seven: the Russian ecological party Green world and unity Party, Party of self-management of workers, the Industrial union, movements For civil advantage the Congress of Russian communities and Engineering progress of Russia . The greatest sum was run into debt by world and unity Party (24,3 million rbl.) The others should from 4,2 million to 23 million rbl. However to sanctions for non-payment will undergo not all. For example, the Congress of Russian communities only is registered among members of a coalition on which base the block " has been created; the Native land but legally blokoobrazujushchim movement is not. Parties and the movements which are not participating in elections - 2003, also will lose nothing. And here declared participation in selective race Green and world and unity Party will be punished on all severity of the law, having lost the right to free propaganda in the state mass-media.
Having understood with debtors, the Central Electoral Committee has assured yesterday the lists of candidates presented by party Green Incorporated Russian party Russia conceptual party the Unification and also blocks the Native land Party of revival of Russia - the Russian party of life and Great Russia - the Euroasian union . At the same time the Central Electoral Committee has continued to exclude from lists of those candidates which could not be prepared properly for delivery of documents for registration (for example, have not given the authentic data about property and incomes). Among such candidates there was also hockey player Pavel Bure who was in the list the fourth number of Eurasians. According to heads of the block, to the mister to the Drill in gathering of documents its legal relations from NHL " have prevented;.
Besides, the Central Electoral Committee has excluded two candidates from list of Union of Right Forces already assured one week ago - the deputy of the Vladimir City Council Andrey Shokhin and the head of the device of fraction of Union of Right Forces in Kuliev`s State Duma Elhana. In party have refused to make comments on this fact, and in TSIKe have declared that candidates have withdrawn the nominees. As head TSIKa Alexander Veshnjakov has explained, parties can withdraw nominees from the list while about day of voting remains not less than five days, and to interchange the position odnomandatnikov it is possible not later than three days to elections.
towards the end of session members TSIKa have decided to note decade of the Russian electoral system celebrated in these days (in September, 1993 president Boris Yeltsin has published a series of decrees about elections to the State Duma of the first convocation) the decision about rewarding by medal TSIKa of some public figures. Among them there was also chairman TSIKa in 1993 - 1996 Nikolay Ryabov. But this nominee has revolted member TSIKa with a deliberative vote from Vadim Soloveva`s Communist Party of the Russian Federation which has declared that its presence discredits both the Central Electoral Committee, and all electoral system as a whole as in 1996 under the direction of mister Ryabov elections have been forged, concerning what 14 criminal cases " have been got;.
There are no facts in evidence about falsification of results of any elections - Alexander Veshnjakov cut off in the answer. As a result of the Central Electoral Committee has decided to award and Nikolay Ryabov. And celebrating of anniversary will proceed on Monday: predictably, to the Central Electoral Committee on the conference devoted to this event there will arrive representatives of the top management of the country.