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Oleg Romantsev begins nespartakovskuju career

the championship of Russia on football

In the tournament relation the main match of round today will be in Kazan: and the Ruby and Zenith at present are the main applicants on silver and it is possible, and competitors of CSKA. However this major game is eclipsed by initially more modest match in Ramensky. There Oleg Romantsev will send for the first time in the field a club command of the higher battalion which is called not Spartak .
it is difficult to present, what exactly will be in Ramensky today in six evenings. Probably, in near Moscow suburbs the inconceivable quantity football will break and okolofutbolnogo ljuda, completely occupying 17 - thousand stadium Saturn . For certain on a semicheckpoint as it seemed still one week ago, for Saturn - Ren TV a match will come also extraneous for Saturn Fans, for example from spartakovskogo camp. Perhaps all these people also will go further on Saturn once a year, but Oleg Romantseva`s debut match will visit necessarily.
and if to put real questions and to try to receive on them prompt replies, this game of the special does not bear sense. As at the new trainer and in what party, in the best or the worst, the command situated near Moscow will change, we learn then, and at all in this season, and next spring. Four days from the moment of appointment - at all term. Event historical and a show unusual is simple: Oleg Romantsev sends a command in the field, and this command is called not Spartak . And in general, how it will look in saturnovskom a dark blue suit?
meanwhile it is necessary to get used that mister Romantsev in Saturn it is valid seriously and, probably, for a long time. The consent of the trainer to the offer of heads of Moscow Region in some days after " seems to me indicative; Spartak has expressed desire to invite Nevio the Rock and has published the fact of negotiations with the Italian expert. It turns out that dismissed three months waited that him will call back. But now a fast way back in Spartak at it is not present, and from owners Saturn primary credit of trust to Oleg Romantsevu will be obviously big, than to somebody else. And, apparently, in Saturn are ready to spend many means for purchase of football players so the material for command building under own discretion at the trainer will be.
actually, for 14 years of trainer`s work in the higher battalion Oleg Romantsev was engaged in building of new commands (after sale old) time five - the four first attempts were successful, but here last has ended 11 - m with a place. But all it occurred in Spartake : the present monastery for it is unfamiliar and while is alien. And with reference to a today`s match it is still more interesting: the most titled trainer of Russia will send for the first time in the field a command which does not know in general. Any of field players present Saturn never with it worked. On September, 23rd in the course of acquaintance to the new trainer they have learnt that a drawn game for Saturn with any contender and on any field, will be considered now as failure, and he is Oleg Romantsev has suggested them to understand as universal installation, instead of following of present position Saturn . To apply for medals this year, ramenskoj the command has not enough drawn games. Here and bookmakers give in this game on owners of all rouble and a quarter on rate rouble, and on visitors - the whole tchervonets as if and without taking into consideration that a Torpedo - the Metallurgist In last games has typed more points, than Saturn and in last season when the parity of forces like would be identical (only the name at Muscovites was another - a Torpedo - ZIL ) Took and has won in Ramensky 3:1.
Oleg Romantsev has overshadowed other major match, in the tournament plan, certainly, number one these days - the Ruby - Zenith . Game for the second place. Kazan, as it is known, on the home field does not lose and seldom does drawn games, but Petersburgers while on a point have more. But it is more and losses, and much more: disqualification at Alexander Kerzhakova and Pavel Maresha, a trauma and illness at Vladislav Radimov, Alexey Katulsky and Oleg Vlasova. Partly to compensate absence stolkih leading players to Petersburgers the moral lifting caused by the fact of distribution of a club brand for other industries can. A composition of a smell of new perfume Zenith which will appear on sale in the beginning of October, according to leading perfumers of St.-Petersburg, corresponds to quality of world leaders of this branch.
at the Ruby To the victim in accident to goalkeeper Sergey Kozko (the backbone trauma has appeared not so dangerous as it was supposed, but before returning in the field is still far) one more loss was added: the fourth yellow card in last match the best raspasovshchik has received commands Denis Bojarintsev.
Rostov - CSKA - too an important match: now each victory approaches soldiers to gold with great strides. By the way, rostovchane this year became the first command which has won CSKA, moreover in Moscow. To affliction of persecutors of soldiers, tournament motivation at Rostov for a long time already has disappeared, and there now are more occupied by search of the new trainer. With Romanian Angelom Jordanesku as the president of club Ivan Savvidi informs, long negotiations have ended for nothing.