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Delivery of award TEFI has passed in a mode on - line

Yesterday in GTSKZ Russia delivery of ninth national television award TEFI has taken place. Awards were handed over in 19 basic nominations spetspriz teleacademies and the award ", besides, have been awarded; For the contribution to television development . For the first time in history TEFI teleacademicians defined winners in a mode of real time. It has made ceremony intriguing and dynamical and has forced to gather in a hall of all members of teleacademy that before on TEFI happened extremely seldom. At the moment of number signing in the press winners bronze Orfeev steels: in a nomination the Information program - culture News TV channel Culture (on a photo - creative group of the program), in a nomination It is information - the analytical program - Rush hour. Saturday (the city of Tomsk, TV - 2), in a nomination The leader of the information program - Michael Antonov (the program to Conduct TV channel Russia ), in a nomination the Publicistic program - What to do? (ATV, TV channel Culture ), the best the Program for children - the cleverest child (STS). Details about ceremony TEFI read in the following number.