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Iraq for two

George Bush and Vladimir Putin meet in Camp - David
the summit

Yesterday when in Moscow there was a night, presidents of Russia and the USA Vladimir Putin and George Bush of profit in Camp - David to spend two-day without ties. It was expected that it will be reduced to support of the new resolution by Russia across Iraq.
on the threshold of a meeting of two presidents in Camp - David representatives of the American administration spoke about relations with Russia rather carefully. Moscow preferred not to mention along with Paris and Berlin, speaking about potential opponents of the new draught resolution on Iraq. State secretary Kolin Powell in interview to television has declared that the position of Russia is close enough to the American. And the representative of the White house, wished to remain not named, has shared with journalists that The president Bush believes that president Putin too wants to work over achievement of our overall aim - to maximise the contribution of the greatest number of the countries to restoration of Iraq .
Round this theme, obviously, also there will be a conversation of two presidents in Camp - David: George Bush will convince Vladimir Putin that acceptance of the new resolution and is an overall aim. As head has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Ivanov, next week the USA can leave the new project of Security council, and it means that Washington hopes for understanding of the Russian side.
some enthusiasm in the USA was caused by speech of the Russian leader on General Assembly. Observers have noticed that unlike France and Germany Russia did not begin to demand the accelerated delegation of power in Iraq from time American administration to Iraqis.
however as the former adviser of presidents Reagan and Bush - the senior David Rivkin has declared, that Russia so is carried away the United Nations seems strange. On - to mine, it is obvious that the antiterrorist committee of the United Nations mentioned by mister Putin cannot accept any adequate measures to combat terrorism. UNSF member countries on - to a miscellaneous look at it is necessary to consider what actions terrorist and what are not present. If the part of speech of president Putin concerning a key role of the United Nations was politeness display it can be understood. If the Russian president really considers that the United Nations can play a key role in fight against terrorism it is similar to a joke . According to mister Rivkina, it is impossible to tell that in existence of the United Nations there is no necessity - simply it is not necessary to exaggerate its possibilities .
Apparently, similar arguments has prepared for the conversation with Vladimir Putin about Iraq and the United Nations and George Bush. Besides, owner Camp - David for certain will remind Vladimir Putin and of Iran. George Bush is literally on the eve of negotiations said that It is the extremely important, that the whole world has united and has let know to Iran that it is waited by universal condemnation if he continues the arms programme . In other words, new pressure concerning Russian - the Iranian contacts is already promised to the Russian leader. However too to pedal this theme it is not meaningful, if Vladimir Putin indeed will want to work over overall aim achievement .
Hardly during negotiations George Bush was going to remind Vladimir Putin of the Chechen Republic too often. After all the day before during performance of the president of Russia and so has not done without excesses. For example, when Vladimir Putin said the speech, in foyer, about one of inputs in a staff - United Nations apartment, the Chechen in the face of the amazed public has in a pointed manner torn the Russian passport. And at this time at other input in the same building the candidate for presidents of the Chechen Republic Ahmat Kadyrov sat and communicated journalists. To the correspondent he, for example, has told that tactics of actions of terrorists in Iraq allows to ask a question: Instead of whether some commanders of insurgents from the Chechen Republic have moved there? also has remembered that civilians perish both in Iraq, and in the Chechen Republic.
According to representatives of both parties, from an informal meeting of presidents of Russia and the USA it is difficult to expect signing of any important documents. But such document can already appear next week - in the form of the new project of the American resolution across Iraq which Russia can treat more favourably.