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The official opinion

the President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus does not hope that Russia will make to the Baltic States apologies for the Soviet occupation . I do not wait and I do not think that the present Russian government when - or it will make - will apologise. Would be enough, that she recognised that really took place 50 - the summer period of occupation, and inhabitants of Lithuania hope for it - mister Adamkus on Monday in Vilnius after a meeting with the Danish prime minister Anders Fogom Rasmussenom has declared.
In turn, the head of the government of Denmark has expressed opinion that apologies are important for reconciliation achievement as they can serve the further development of relations between the countries. our experience testifies that for reconciliation achievement it is always good to recognise errors of the past and to apologise on behalf of the people, the state. We saw, how representatives of Germany have apologised for the mistakes made in the past and crimes. Certainly, the present management does not bear responsibility for those decisions which have been accepted in the past, but for reconciliation achievement such recognition can be useful - mister Rasmussen has told. He also has declared that understands the decision of the president of Lithuania not to go to Moscow on celebrating 60 - letija Victories: I perfectly understand those mixed feelings which test in Lithuania and other Baltic States concerning the Second World War termination .

Valdas Adamkus has noticed that in Lithuania the termination of the Second World War on May, 8th will be noted and the tribute of memory to victims will be paid. however on May, 9th for us - three states of Baltic - does not mean the beginning of a stage of freedom which countries of Western Europe can mark. For us that day new occupation has begun. We honour memory fallen, we decline heads before them, but we cannot stand on Red Square and rejoice, marking as if the beginning of a new century - the head of the Lithuanian state has told.

Poland wants to diversify sources of energy carriers
the Polish authorities would like to diversify a circle of the sources delivering in the country energy carriers, the ambassador of Poland in Moscow Stefan Meller has declared yesterday. speaking as a whole about polsko - the Russian trade relations, it is necessary to notice that throughout last two years the trading exchange constantly grows. For example, in 2004 export has made $2 mlrd 854 million 620 thousand, and import - $6 mlrd 415 million 168 thousand Negative balance for Poland of equally $3 mlrd 560 million 548 thousand from - that we buy from you energy carriers. And it presses on us - the Polish ambassador has told.

you possess Mendeleyev`s all table. Everyone who has less than power resources, cares of diversifying sources of these resources. It is a normal position of any state, - mister Meller has explained. - Perhaps, in Russia it regard as undesirable political actions, but, probably, in the presence of Mendeleyev`s all table you simply do not understand us .