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Race for power

On Sunday in Egypt have been arrested 226 suspected of participation in two acts of terrorism made on Saturday in Cairo. As a result of acts of terrorism seven persons, including four foreigners have been wounded. One act of terrorism has occurred on the area of Abdul Munim Rijad, near to the National museum. Under the version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the mined car in which the terrorist sat has blown up. Under other version, the condemned man with a self-made bomb has rushed on the area from the bridge. The executor of act of terrorism had appeared 40 - summer Ihab Yasin.
soon after explosion the Minister of Health of Egypt Mohammed Tuguddin has declared that among wounded men there is a citizen of Russia, however subsequently this information has not proved to be true. An hour later per other area of Cairo the mistress and sister Ihaba Yasin have fired at the bus with the Israeli tourists. Women have missed, then have committed suicide. Under other information, terrorists were killed by the Egyptian policemen. In a bag of one of women have found a note in which it has been written: We will offer the lives that others continued to live . Bombardment became the first act of terrorism in the history of Egypt with participation of women.

responsibility for Saturday acts of terrorism was incurred earlier not by known grouping the Brigade of martyr Abdally Azama . Analysts specify that executors of acts of terrorism in Cairo were relatives or friends of Ashrafa Sejida arrested past Friday on suspicion in participation in explosion in Cairo on April, 7th. Then three persons were lost and have been wounded 18. Soon after detention mister Sejid has died. Many assume that acts of terrorism became revenge for his death.

in Afghanistan new act of terrorism
in the north of Afghanistan is made Yesterday the warehouse of arms presumably belonging to one of field commanders has blown up. As a result of explosion it is killed not less than 28 persons, it is wounded 13.

Explosion has occurred in a province Baghlan, approximately in 180 km to the north from Kabul. As the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan has declared, the owner of a warehouse of arms has been disarmed in due time by the central authorities, but a considerable part of the ammunition has kept. Causes of the explosion are found out.

the prime minister of Australia struggles with opposition in party
the Prime minister - the minister of Australia John Howard has faced growing opposition in ruling Liberal party from the assistant and the head of the Ministry of Finance Peter Kostello. In the past weekend mister Kostello has publicly declared that is ready to lead party during preparation and carrying out of the following parliamentary elections appointed for 2007. Thereby he has thrown down an open challenge to the party leader and the prime minister who already is today the second for duration of stay on a post the prime minister in the history of the country.

as mister Kostello has declared, he would like, that delegation of power has occurred Legally . As marks the majority of analysts, for today mister Kostello has not enough support in party that management change has passed easy so, many predict the instability period in imperious echelons.