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The podzvezdnyj world

Is one of the most favorable days. All aspects today the harmonious. It is possible to begin most important issues on work and in private life.
today Venus favorably co-operates with Saturn, and Merkury - with the Neptune. The harmonious aspect of the Sun with the Moon and Venus with Uranium is formed also.

monetary affairs will go successfully, it is possible to get profit as result of last activity. It is possible to open and new business to begin trade, to register firm. Calculation and intuition will help each other.

all mutual relations, business and personal, will develop favorably. It is possible to marry, conclude contracts, including long-term. In love are possible both unexpected bright acquaintances, and development, strengthening of existing relations.

for trips favorable conditions also are created. Only the separate supernumerary situations connected with power, aircraft and traffic in the morning are possible. But also that, most likely, anything terrible does not happen. And unexpectedness can be even pleasant.

there are no restrictions and in leisure sphere. It is possible to be engaged in all sports, art, to have a good time, communicate with the nature. Under the Moon in Fishes contacts to water are especially positive. It is possible to put and sow various plants, especially with an underground useful part. Successful day and for building.

concerning health also no problems should be. The consciousness and subconsciousness, physical and psychological aspects of life are in harmony.

the advantage remains within all days, including night and tomorrow`s morning. In the first decade of May it is the most successful day, try to make all the most important today.

Arieses can take part in collective work, thus there will be time and for personal hobbies.

Tauruses can begin the long-term project. Successful day for private life, unusual acquaintances are possible.

twins should develop intuition, use nonconventional sources of the information in the work.

cancers since morning can go to unexpected travel. Successful day for all kinds of mental work.

lions will adjust harmonious relations in a family. Successful day for work on the nature, with plants, animals and children.

maidens can rely on intuition. Trust the constant partners more. Successful day for dialogue with the nature and water.

scales can begin the long-term project in work or in building. Pleasant unexpected possibilities in work and private life are possible.

scorpions can cause a stir both in sports, and in love. Suitable day for employment with children. Interesting adventures are possible.

Sagittariuses much will be in time in domesticities. Successful day for work on the nature. Involve in the hobbies of members of a family.

Capricorns have excellent possibilities in love. Monetary affairs will not bad go also, it is possible to do shopping.

Aquarius can have an unexpected meeting, perspective in the material plan. Unexpected personal acquaintances are possible also.

fishes will become successful in intellectual sphere. Successful day for trips and for commercial affairs.

Wednesday, on May, 4th
Only in the morning till 10 o`clock Moscow time today it is possible to carry out important issues, including monetary and legal. At this time the Moon forms harmonious aspects with Saturn and Venus.

further, about the middle of day, the Moon in the conflict to Plutonom, during this period the various incidents connected with a policy, failures, criminality are possible. But, of course, it only local problems. From world regions today and within the next few days some territories of Canada, Brazil and Japan, Iraq, Iran, the east of the European part of Russia and caucasus are most vulnerable.

in the evening the Moon without a course, therefore it is not necessary to plan new affairs and responsible actions, but it is possible to continue easy work or to have a rest.

the moon is all the day long in a sign on Fishes that adjusts us on a lyrical harmony. There will correspond to mood dialogue with the nature, bathing, classical music. Normal day and in love, avoid only unfamiliar partners and it is criminal dangerous places.

trips can be spent today under the usual plan. Separate dangerous situations on highways or underground are possible, but the probability to get to them is low. Problems in politically astable regions are possible.

Today normal day for playing sports, art, manual and agricultural work, domesticities, building. Though it is better not to begin, and to continue all it.

in an organism are most sensitive a foot of feet, endokrinnaja and immune systems. Accept safety measures from infections.

to Arieses is better to devote day to silent and quiet individual employment which is minimum depend on other people.

Tauruses can co-ordinate the efforts with friends, colleagues, with children and their partners in the morning. It is possible to stay alone with itself in the evening.

Twins since morning should execute necessary professional affairs, co-ordinate questions with the heads.

cancers can devote morning to work and various monetary affairs with partners. All the day long approaches for trips.

Lions should settle debt and other financial questions, issue the insurance. Evening approaches for travel and study.

maidens can have an interesting meeting, in affairs or in love. It is necessary to think of safety of dwelling also.

scales will achieve harmonious relations on work. Suitable time for hiring of workers, and also for improving actions.

scorpions will be a success in sports, art, love. Successful day for productive leisure, emotional employment.

Sagittariuses since morning can solve a number private house and business matters, and evening to devote to productive leisure.

Capricorns since morning can execute a useful trip or hold a business meeting, and it is possible to have a rest at home in the evening.

Aquarius has possibility to earn or make purchase. For work morning more approaches, and for personal trips evening will fit also.

fishes will manage to operate dialogue with the help of positive emotions. Successful day for love and monetary affairs. Only do not participate in race for power.