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Privileges for foreign car factories in any way will not co-ordinate

Today the government of the Russian Federation should let out the order regulating an order of application of the decision #166 About modification of custom duties of the Russian Federation concerning the autocomponents imported for industrial assemblage signed on March, 29th. It provides decrease to 3 - 5 % or full cancellation of import duties for 61 position of the autodetails intended for assemblage of cars in Russia. Association of motor-car manufacturers of Russia (OAR) on behalf of the largest car factories and holdings (the Autovase, Ruspromavto etc.) Has supported severe constraints on localisation of manufacture for the foreign companies that those have been compelled to use domestic suppliers of autocomponents, and not just to carry them from - for borders. OAR has found support of the position in Minpromenergo. MERT and the Ministry of Finance, on the contrary, have taken the part of foreign motor-car manufacturers and have prepared the document as much as possible simplifying procedure of reception of privileges (see from April, 12th). In particular, the investor should incur the obligation in 18 months to adjust welding, colouring and body assemblage. Designed capacity of manufacture should be not less than 25 thousand cars a year. In 42 months the investor should reduce import of import autocomponents in cost expression a minimum to 10 %, and in 60 months - on 5 %, that is all on 15 % in five years after project start.

however yesterday at a meeting with Vladimir Putin head Minpromenergo Victor Khristenko has published absolutely other variant. If the project begins with a blank leaf on preparation of high-grade manufacture 18 months are taken away not, and it is more (how many is concrete, the minister has not specified). The investor is obliged to refuse not 15 %, and from 30 % of import details; in 42 months after the project beginning to lower their import on 10 %, through 60 and then in 72 months on 10 %. Both in Minpromenergo, and in MERTe yesterday have refused to make comments on these figures, referring that nobody counted them .