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The party in power has passed on a city opposition

May Day meeting at a mayoralty building on Tver which has been organised by party an United Russia reminded traditional actions of communists more. The Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov named the governmental reforms dangerous to a society also has opposed transformations of Russia in a raw appendage of the West .
May Day procession an United Russia and Federations of independent trade unions has begun in nine mornings. About 25 thousand persons have gathered at the Belarus station and have proceeded on 1 - j Tver - to Jamsky and Tver streets to a building of the Moscow mayoralty on the Tver area. Demonstrators bore in hands flags, balls and the tablets specifying in their accessory to this or that organisation (for example, Trade union of workers of communication of Moscow the Seventh continent or the SOU - 155 ) . On all route of movement of a column there were trays on which it was possible to get the Russian flags and other celebratory attributes - klounskie noses, bows, caps from foam rubber and artificial flowers. The goods were a success, and gradually May Day demonstration has turned to similarity of the Brazilian carnival.

in spite of the fact that as one of organizers of parade the party " has acted; an United Russia slogans which were cried out by participants, reminded the communistic action - " more; For a worthy standard of living! the working person should not be poor! . The social justice theme has reached apogee when the column has reached a mayoralty building where still have the day before established a scene. The mayor who has left on it of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has acted, as a matter of fact, with an antigovernmental policy statement. Actively gesticulating, he has declared that some decisions accepted at level of the state and The innovations declared by different Zurabovymi (Minister of health and social development Michael Zurabov meant) cause in it the big alarm . the Result is, and the happiness is not present, as cabinet intentions at the obedient relation from the State Duma are dangerous to a society, - the mayor has explained the reason of alarm. - 15 years the policy of the government who can be formulated so proceeds: survive as want, and we will create the conditions, complicating to you life . If the government does not put up money in high technologies, a science, formation, the town governor, Russia " is assured; at first will turn to a raw appendage of the West, and then they us it is slammed . We will not admit, that the Russian Federation has turned to the country swinging oil and gas, - mister Luzhkov has called gathered. - We will struggle for that our country was the country of the highest level of production and high technologies . The gathered met each word of the capital town governor a rough ovation.

after incendiary performance of the mayor of performance of trade-union leaders have passed almost not noticed in spite of the fact that they practically spoke the same. we left to tell ` yes ` to the worthy salary and ` are not present ` - to a social lawlessness and unreasoned reforms - the chairman of the Moscow federation of trade unions Michael Nagajtsev has declared from a tribune. This thought was developed by other trade-union leader - the chairman of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia Michael Shmakov who has demanded from the Russian government to provide worthy work, worthy workplaces and the worthy salary .

After on a scene there were executors of Russian national songs, but the success was gained - the people have gradually started to disperse.