Rus News Journal

As the 1st of May walked on the country

May Day actions have passed in Sunday in the majority of large Russian cities.
in St.-Petersburg in procession have taken part about 8 thousand persons. Among demonstrators there were representatives of the trade-union organisations, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Russian party of life and movement “ For worthy life “. Representatives NBP, and also anarchists with the slogans, calling to stop war in the Chechen Republic, all nearby 250 persons, on the way to the Neva prospectus police officers have cut, demanding to clean symbolics NBP. natsboly pressed a cordon and scanned: “ Is not present to a police state! “ “ militia - execute the law “ and “ Neva - our Maidan “. As a result Limonov supporters have broken and with a rappberry have run to the Winter palace, on road they have set fire falshfejery. Late have begun on the area the “ alternative “ meeting.

In Novosibirsk in meeting members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, " have taken part about 3 thousand persons, basically; the Native land “ Federations of trade unions, LDPR, AKM and NBP. Along with left in May Day demonstration have taken part and about 200 young men naming with antiglobalists. The action which was spent already in the second time, they name “ monstratsija “ and invitations to it extended basically through the Internet. Young men left with slogans “ Wash off behind itself! “ “ Tsoj æûff! “ “ There is no colonisation of Mars! “ “ the girl - a magnet lives in the underground of 8 years! “ “ we demand banquet continuation! “ “ not eggs paint the person, and the person - eggs! “ “ I any more will not be! “.

in Voronezh on a city central square have come about 2 thousand persons. The most part of the gathered went under flags FNPR and Communist Parties. Except them representatives have taken part in procession various youth socially - political movements - from Limonov supporters to legal experts. Procession has come to the end with Lenin`s meeting on the square. In the meeting beginning on a monument to Lenin the big poster " has been hung up; we Will break a power vertical “ which in two minutes has been broken by the person in the civilian. After action end on one of adjoining streets on group of young active workers NBP, Communist Parties and anarchists have attacked about 30 young men. Fight proceeded some minutes then on a point of impact there has arrived militia. Nearby 10 persons from both parties have been detained and delivered in Lenin ROVD, the others have run up. In four hours all arrested persons have been let out.

in Orenburg on the eve of a holiday to townspeople mayor Yury Mishcherjakov who has urged them to be vigilant has addressed. In the Department of Internal Affairs of the Orenburg region the information on intentions of North Caucasian separatists to carry out a series of acts of terrorism in territory of Russia has arrived. According to law enforcement bodies, acts of terrorism have been planned for May holidays. Nevertheless excesses has not occurred. Organizers of demonstration of a steel of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, “ an United Russia “. Having gathered about a monument to the leader of world proletariat, the three-thousandth column has walked to Tchkalov`s street, then procession has outgrown in mass festivals.

in Kursk for meeting of communists and FNPR on Red Square has gathered to 20 thousand persons. The action has passed without excesses and has occupied about one and a half hours. And the day before on the panel of the operative person on duty of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kursk area the information that buildings of railway and automobile stations in Kursk are mined has arrived. Places of prospective acts of terrorism have been checked up vzryvotehnikami, bombs have not found.

, Samara; ALEXEY - SOBOLEV, St.-Petersburg; DMITRY - VINOGRADOV, Novosibirsk