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The Ryazan deputies have chosen the mayor from the fourteenth time

Today the former head of the City Council of Ryazan Victor Vargin intend to complain in Office of Public Prosecutor and court of the colleagues on city parliament which, in its opinion, have illegally selected the new speaker who is simultaneously the mayor past Friday. To select the town governor to deputies it was possible only with 14 - go time - the leader of fraction " became them; an United Russia the general director It is new - the Ryazan thermal power station Simeon Sazonov supported by Ryazan governor George Shpakom.
the Summer of last year to the charter of Ryazan had been made amendments according to which the mayor (the head of municipal union) is selected not in public, and from structure of deputies of the City Council. The head of administration of a city (city - the manager) is appointed under the contract on a competitive basis.

to select the new head of Ryazan the City Council has undertaken the first attempt on April, 8th, in two days after the former mayor Pavel Mamatov has combined powers. But session has not taken place from - for absence of quorum. There was no quorum and on the following 12 sessions. Thus the deputy case numbering 33 persons, was actually set up on two camps. 15 deputies have rallied round operating speaker Victor Vargina whom designated on a post of the mayor. Other deputies opposed nominees of mister Vargina of which was not supported also by governor George Shpak. As a result on sessions came only vargintsy, but it it was not possible to type quorum (18 voices). Thus in City Council corridors said that a part of deputies sits out in a building of the regional government as among them is a little fluctuating which cannot openly oppose the governor and support Vargina, but at ballot will make it easily .

on April, 28th political council of city branch an United Russia Recommended to the fraction into which enters more than half of deputies led by speaker Varginym, to support a nominee of the general director It is new - the Ryazan thermal power station and the head of fraction of United Russia party members Simeon Sazonov. After that the quorum at last has appeared: on Friday on session 18 deputies who within a month boycotted work gordumy have come. However, the speaker with assistants this time was not, but it has not confused its opponents. They have made changes to regulations, having resolved for lack of the chairman and it zamov to conduct session to the chairman from among ordinary deputies.

after that chairman Nikolay Bulychyov has put forward on a post of the head of a city and gordumy Simeon Sazonov`s nominee which following the results of ballot has been supported unanimously. Thus, as it has been declared, mister Vargin automatically acts in film from this post . The removed speaker has declared that elections of the mayor were illegitimate Also has promised to complain in court and Office of Public Prosecutor: the First infringement - that deputies have opened session. In regulations it is clearly told that opens session only the chairman or its assistants. And at the reference in law enforcement bodies we will place on it emphasis . In opinion eks - the speaker, Simeon Sazonov - a figure which suits governor Shpaka .

the Deputy of the City Council, the director of the Ryazan building company Vladimir Vorochilin who at first supported mister Vargina, but has come over to the side of its opponents, has noticed that if in elections of the head of Ryazan nobody interfered from the outside, the consensus would be reached for a long time : Both parties appealed to different men of weight, and pressure was put upon deputies . I an island of the mayor of Ryazan Alexander Kukushkin has declared that elections of the mayor can be recognised by wrongful, as the charter gives to deputies only 14 days to choose the mayor. And zamprokurora Ryazan Dmitry Bulaev has refused to estimate legitimacy of session, having referred that all was in a mode it - a line and to it it is necessary to consider .

As it was found out, there is no unity and in the ranks of United Russia party members. So, the president of regional public fund of support an United Russia Sergey Dudukin has assured that the city political council of United Russia party members has decided to support Simeon Sazonov contrary to the decision of presidium of a general council of party accepted in the end of March on support of a nominee of Victor Vargina .

, Ryazan