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Natan Scharansky has slapped an armchair

Yesterday the Israeli minister of affairs of Jerusalem and diaspora Natan Scharansky has resigned. Thus it has expressed the disagreement with the plan of unilateral delimitation with Palestinians which provides a withdrawal of Israeli troops and the Jewish settlements from Gaza Strip. Ill-wishers accuse mister Scharansky in political bankruptcy and its adherents assert that for the former Soviet dissident fidelity to principles is more expensive than an armchair .
Relations between Natanom Scharansky and the prime minister - minister Ariel Sharon has deteriorated with the statement an office of the plan of unilateral delimitation. On followed then session of parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission Natan Scharansky has entered public dispute with the prime minister. where here democracy? People turn out, and they cannot protest at all? Why you ask today, who against delimitation? Yes from your questions clearly that the person does not have right to expression of the opinion as the head of the government there and then names it instigation - he shouted to Ariel Sharon.

after that resignation 57 - the summer minister of affairs of Jerusalem and diaspora became time business. When during recent visit of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin Natan Scharansky was not for a solemn supper, in Israel have decided that it is a signal about fast resignation of the former Soviet dissident. However the application on resignation mister Scharansky has directed a premiere only yesterday.

the Plan of unilateral delimitation is a tragical error which will aggravate palestino - the Israeli conflict, will strengthen terror and will keep away possibility of achievement of the original world - he has declared. My disagreement with the plan is based on a deep belief that during peace process any concession from Israel should be caused carrying out of democratic reforms in the Palestinian society. The plan of unilateral delimitation at all does not correspond to this principle. On the contrary, it only stimulates terrorists and weakens chances of construction of a free society for Palestinians - mister Scharansky considers.

from - for initiated by the prime minister of Israel Ariel Sharon of the plan of unilateral delimitation with Palestinians the office was left already by six ministers. All of them do not like idea of an exit from Gaza Strip which they name capitulatory. However for the first time the office on own will leaves the colleague of the prime minister on party Likud . Already yesterday Natan Scharansky was not present at government session.

in Israel on - to a miscellaneous have concerned Natana Scharansky`s decision. Scharansky`s resignation which became the world symbol of struggle for human rights, freedom and democracy, is a huge moral victory of camp of opponents of delimitation. Scharansky who has refused an armchair for the sake of fidelity principles, should specify a way to other members ` to Likuda `, opposing delimitation, but continuing to sit at ministerial armchairs - the leader of the party religious sionizma has declared Efi Ejtam. With it the deputy of the Knesseth from " agrees; Likuda Ehud Jatom. In its opinion, Scharansky concerns that cohort of politicians to which fidelity to principles is more expensive than an armchair. Its resignation will pour in new forces in struggle against delimitation .

And here the former colleague Natana Scharansky on party Israel ba - Alija the Novel of Bronfman considers differently. Scharansky`s Resignation specifies in its political and ideological bankruptcy. The fighter for human rights in Soviet Union here has turned to the leader of struggle for occupation preservation. Scharansky selected in the Knesseth repatriates, has actually refused to represent their interests, and is engaged in the decision of personal problems. Resignation opens its real face and its true priorities - mister Bronfman is assured.

it means By true priorities literary - Natana Scharansky`s commercial activity. Scharansky`s affairs - the writer really go recently uphill since US president George Bush has declared that it scoops the vision of a world policy in the book of the former Soviet dissident In democracy protection . It is the great book! - the American leader has declared, and edition sales have gone uphill. Now, Roman Bronfman hints, Natana Scharansky had much more profitable kind of activity, rather than work in the government.

However, in Israel say that mister Scharansky will not leave the policy. As a following place of activity of the former dissident name an agency post of the head Dry which is engaged in repatriation of Jews. However, the source in office of the retiring minister named reasonings about Sohnute and Natane Scharansky nonsense. speech about change of head ` Sohnuta ` will go not earlier than in a year, and true motives of resignation are stated in the letter of premieres - to the minister - has declared a source.