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Bomb - the best gift

Yesterday in Iraq terrorists continued to mark long-awaited formation of the national government, and also a holiday of spring and work. During scale acts of terrorism on all country were lost more than 150 persons. The main blow has had on the peace population and soldiers of a coalition which from - for disagreements of the USA and Italy has not the best times. Meanwhile the new government of Iraq has decided to be overcome with terrorists independently, having arrested 11 sunnitskih imams.
the Iraq terrorists, as well as all citizens of the country, celebrate national holidays, truth, after the own fashion. For example, in preparation for parliamentary elections on January, 30th the wave of acts of terrorism has overflowed all country, and day of voting terrorists have noted, having brought down the British military plane. On May, 1st leaders of insurgents also could not ignore. As day of spring and work was imposed for one more holiday: Past Thursday after three months of negotiations the Iraq government has been generated. Next day on the Internet there was an audiofilm on which a certain person, it having presented by head Iraq Al - Kaidy Abu Musabom Zarakaui, sent damnations to the address of US president George Bush. Bush, we will not calm down until your army is here - told an ominous voice. After this in Iraq 17 explosions have thundered. Were lost more than 50 persons, and wounds have received nearby 150. On Saturday acts of terrorism have proceeded. Cars, gaz stations, pumping stations, at home blew up and mosques, and killed and wounded men considered as tens. Insurgents have put rocket attack on the Ale - Falludzhe whom armies of a coalition like completely would clear of insurgents in November.

to mark on First of May terrorists have begun with blow on Kurds. In the morning in small town Tall - Afar located in a province Mosul in the north of Iraq, buried one of figures of Democratic party of Kurdistan. Unexpectedly the car filled with an explosive in full operation ran into a funeral procession. As a result of explosion were lost more than 30 persons, more than 50 have been wounded. Four American soldiers became victims also. According to eyewitnesses, the group of the armed people long did not pass to a place of explosion of an ambulance car. At occurrence of police insurgents have opened fire, and then have disappeared.

after that powerful explosions began to be distributed on all country. Capital terrorists especially were zealous. In the morning they have undermined a train of the commander of special troops of police of Bagdad of general Rashida Flejha which by miracle remained is live. Then the group of insurgents has approached on a post of the Iraq police and has shot five policemen directly in the street. On all city shot the American patrols, for a day it has been killed about ten soldiers of the USA and the British military man. Explosions rattled all yesterday. Everything, by the most modest estimations, for last four days victims of terrorists became more than 150 persons, and the number of wounded men makes more than 300.

the Basic work on counteraction to terrorists has laid down on coalition shoulders. On Sunday Australia under the pretext of protection of Japanese engineers in the south of the country has thrown 450 more soldiers to Iraq. And this very day it became known about capture 63 - the summer citizen of Australia of Douglas Wood. Terrorists have published videorecording on which the hostage plaintively begs the Australian prime minister John Howard, US president George Bush and the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger to release it and to deduce the Australian soldiers from Iraq. Misters Bush and Schwarzenegger have not responded to the request of Douglas of Wood in any way. Prime minister Howard has declared that for the sake of clearing of the hostage Australia the soldiers will not deduce, and will send to Iraq of even more members of spetsnaz for a rescue operation.

But in the ranks of the coalition and without attacks of terrorists many internal problems. On Sunday military command of the USA has published 42 - the page report completely relieving the American soldiers of responsibility for murder of the officer of the Italian investigation by Nikolo Kalipari on March, 4th. This report has caused an indignation storm in Italy. In the answer the Italian government has published yesterday own report. Conclusions of the American military men have been recognised by unsatisfactory, and for investigation of events has been decided to create own commission. Considering unpopularity of the Iraq war among the Italian voters and forthcoming elections of 2006, the government can begin a withdrawal of troops. In this case the coalition will lose 3300 soldiers.

while soldiers of a coalition struggled with insurgents, and heads of a coalition sorted out the relations, the new Iraq government has decided to take the measures which were reduced to storm of several sunnitskih mosques and to arrest of 11 imams. As it is known, of any acts of terrorism in territory of Iraq usually accuse sunnitov. The Iraq prime minister Ibragim Dzhaafari specially wanted to appoint to responsible posts in the government of several authoritative sunnitov that they have agreed with coreligionists about cease-fire. However as a result sunnitam only minor posts have got, and vitse - the prime minister from sunnitov is not appointed till now.

the Sunnitsky community has already accused the new government in antisunnitskom plot and has threatened that if prime minister Dzhaafari and further will be so diplomatic, its calculation on intermediary of ministers - sunnitov in relations with insurgents hardly will justify. So, terrorists also will mark henceforth explosions all significant events in life of the updated democratic Iraq.