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The State Office of Public Prosecutor has justified to itself the witness

Moscow City Court has taken out the first verdict of “not guilty“ on business of one of victims from “ werewolves in epaulets “ - capital businessman Baregama Petrosyan. Now it will be much easier to State Office of Public Prosecutor to prove in court that the general of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Vladimir Ganeev and employees of Moscow criminal investigation department were engaged vymogatelstvami and put in prison people stirring by him.
Souchreditel of Open Company “ Stargrad “ (the firm owned a chain store system at metro stations) Baregam Petrosyan has been detained in March, 2001 during the investigation of act of terrorism in underground transition under a Pushkin Square. On versions of employees of Moscow criminal investigation department, the information on Baregame Petrosyan they have received from FSB of Russia which employees suspected that the conflict connected with repartition of spheres of influence between businessmen, supervising shops in transition under a Pushkin Square could become a cause of the explosion. Checking this information, detectives had shadowed for suspected Petrosyan. To explosion it has appeared is not privy, but murovtsy have detained him for storage of drugs and the weapon. At personal inspection and a search in Baregama Petrosyan`s residence field investigators have found out a pistol, Kalashnikov`s automatic machine and some doses of cocaine. In September, 2001 one of regional courts has sentenced the businessman to one and a half years of imprisonment, the Moscow City Court has upheld this sentence. Baregama Petrosyan Genprokuratura`s business has remembered, when in the summer of last year has begun investigation in the relation “ werewolves in epaulets “ - the former head of department of safety of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Vladimir Ganeeva, the deputy chief 2 - j operatively - a search part at criminal office (ORCH UUR) the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow of Evgenie Taratorina, the deputy chief of the fifth department 2 - j ORCH UUR Yury Samolkina, and also employees UURa of Nikolay Dyomin, Igor Ostrovsky, Vadim Vladimirova and Alexander Breshchanova. All of them as informed, have accused of corruption, extortion and illegal bringing to criminal liability. And some businessmen from among those who was in working out “ werewolves “ became witnesses of charge. It has appeared among them both Baregam Petrosyan. The State Office of Public Prosecutor and employees of department of own safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia have established that murovtsy have thrown to the businessman the weapon and drugs after that has refused to give to them a share in the business. On March, 28th at exit session of the Moscow district military court on business “ werewolves “ Baregam Petrosyan has acted as the witness of charge. And as it became known yesterday, on April, 28th Moscow City Court presidium, having considered cassation representation of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, has dismissed from the businessman all charges and the previous conviction received for them. According to sources in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, similar representations are submitted and on affairs of other victims from “ werewolves “. Having the facts of falsification of criminal cases fixed in courts murovtsami, it will be much easier to State Office of Public Prosecutor to achieve for them a verdict of guilty. Meanwhile the protection position murovtsev just also was reduced to that on all criminal cases which were investigated with their participation, courts of different instances have taken out verdicts of guilty. And if there are verdicts of guilty about any falsification of affairs cannot be and speeches.