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Fight instead of a holiday

in League of champions will take place Today the first of reciprocal semifinal matches. Inspired by a title of champions of England football players Chelsea will try to prove that the drawn game 0:0, extracted in the first meeting on Stamford Bridge, all the same will not allow Liverpool to reach the final the main European tournament.
about what players Chelsea before this match spoke, to guess simply: about that, of course, that champions to become pleasant, but on - to the present they will rejoice, only when Leagues of champions will reach the final. after a match with Bolton we were switched at once on Liverpool so no holiday at us, as a matter of fact, existed - has disappointed those admirers liverpultsev who hoped that instead of the next training their opponents have gone to mark historical event in any pub, the hero boltonskoj meetings of Frenk Lempard. In general, with a spirit at Chelsea, apparently, everything is all right. At Liverpool, certainly, too. And hardly its leader Stephen Dzherrard paltered, when has told: Personally for me the match with Chelsea is a main match in life. I think, about the same feelings all my partners " test;. Hence, here at contenders full equality. And it is not clear that will move: whether champion inspiration Chelsea, whether the Liverpool rage for the season ruined by and large.

what of commands has more than chances if to judge by data, to psychology of the relation not having, also, in general - that, not clearly. To someone, for example, can seem that Chelsea, easily won in Bolton, now simply it is is much better ready, than Liverpool, on Saturday muchivshijsja at itself on Anfield Road with Middlesbrough and, by a recognition of head coach Raphael Benitesa, 20 minutes normally playing only in the second time - that time interval in which the tremendous goal of Dzherrarda blow from three tens metres has gone in. But, in - the first, on Saturday at liverpultsev did not leave in a starting lineup at once four football players bases - Hjujupja, Dzhimi Traore, Luis Garsija and Milan Barosh: Benites has given all rest before league. And in - the second, on the eve of the London meeting Liverpool has spent absolutely inexpressive rehearsal, having conceded 0:1 to outsider Crystal Palace, but in a match with Chelsea has appeared much more efficient.

gives nothing also comparison of personnel losses. At Chelsea they serious. In the London game the next trauma of a foot was received by unlucky Aren Robben. On - former Demien Daff was not restored. For a long time do not play Wayne Bridzh with Paulu Ferrejroj. At Liverpool from key football players cannot precisely accept participation in a match only disqualified opornik Habi Alonso. Like obvious overweight here on the party liverpultsev. But it is impossible to forget and that in this season head coach Chelsea Jose Mourinho (yesterday the chief executive of club Peter Kenon declared that the new ten years` contract for the sum £ is offered it; 5 million a year) has had time to prove that almost without serious consequences can stop up any formed hole in structure. We will tell, than Joe Cole in a role right " is bad; vingera - on a position of Robbena? Or than William Gallas is bad in a role of the left defender (this position the Bridge occupied)? And at Liverpool losses are minimum only at first sight. Actually had not time to type the form Dzhibril Sisse, especially only on Saturday for the first time after a long break appeared in the field of Ditmar Hamann to whom, probably, it is necessary to replace Habi Alonso.

average quotations of bookmakers:
Liverpool - Chelsea: 2,75 - 3,20 - 2,25.
On an exit in the ending: 2,62 - 1,44.