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The opposition has walked to freedom and justice

on May, 1st democratic parties and human rights organisations For human rights Going without Putin youth the Apple Our choice have held meeting - procession on Mjasnitsky street. Organizers named it step to creation of incorporated front for freedom and justice . Procession has begun from the Tourist`s Genevsky area and has ended with meeting at the Solovetsky stone. Slogans and headers striding on Mjasnitsky street were united by some words - Russia Putin Khodorkovsky . For Putin resignation, for Russia and Michael Khodorkovsky - freedom demanded. Striding two students of MGTU of a name of Bauman who bore a header " headed; For Russia without Putin . At the Solovetsky stone have acted from the truck Lev Ponamarev ( For human rights ) Journalists Vladimir Kara - Murza and Anna Politkovsky, Irina Khakamada ( Our choice ), Andrey Babushkin ( the Apple ). In summary instead of the resolution the leader of meeting Lev Ponamarev has read slogans on headers. In total 300 persons have taken part in the action nearby.