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What there was Venice

Russian - the Italian forum - dialogue in the area of civil societies - the international project started in the autumn of 2004 top-level (the initiative belongs to Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi) on purpose to dilute political diplomacy of both countries by cultural and economic components.
within the limits of a forum presented the project Ad Fontes: To sources of Christian roots of unity of Europe on which students and teachers MGIMO in search of the marked roots can train in Rome. Have signed the agreement on the international award Leonardo da Vinci awarded for merits in the field of patronage of arts - earlier from its our compatriots the mayor of Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak received only, and now the management of Vneshtorgbanka, the basic sponsor of a forum, apparently, can quite apply for it. Two round tables on tourism and restoration problems Besides, have taken place. Here as the protagonist has acted Northern pobratim Venice St.-Petersburg, at which all same problems: the water, collapsing monuments, crowds of tourists and shortage of transport.

the cultural program from the Russian side, probably, has been made by a principle Orthodoxy, autocracy, a nationality . For a nationality the Kuban Cossack chorus has answered: Cossacks have sung on the area the Dignity - Marko. Russian autocracy with its the best, educated, the parties has presented the Italian edition of the book of the keeper of the West European sculpture of the Hermitage of Sergey Androsov Peter the Great and a sculpture of Italy devoted to how the tsar - the reformer got in the new capital the Summer garden with sramnymi idols and bought Venus Taurian . Orthodoxy has acted in the name of man`s chamber chorus of the Moscow patriarchy Relight given two concerts. One has passed in a cathedral the Dignity - Marko with such success, what even has broken the applause forbidden in a holy site. In the program of the second concert arranged in Fund Repair, along with znamennymi singsongs such smash hits of Russian spirituality, as " have entered; evenings Situated near Moscow and even Dared we in fight we will go only in dobolshevistskom a variant ( We dared in fight we will follow Russia Sacred ). The culmination of a musical part Meetings in Venice there was a performance of chamber ensemble Soloists of Moscow under control of Yury Bashmet in just restored ambassador of last fire theatre Lja Feniche - with Tchaikovsky and Paganini. Italians from its part too have presented the project scale and on duty: in a hall of Ateneo Veneto have exposed 50 - a metre roll with kinds of the river of Brent connecting Venice with Padua.