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Adidas the second-large manufacturer in the world of sports goods Adidas has covered skis

Yesterday - Salomon AG has agreed to sale of division Salomon of Finnish company Amer Sports for 485 million Having sold Salomon, Adidas intends to concentrate on release of professional sports footwear, and also expensive daily clothes of sports style.
concern Adidas - Salomon AG has been formed in 1997 after purchase Adidas of the French manufacturer of sportswear and accessories Salomon together with brands Salomon (the equipment and clothes for winter sports), Mavic (components of bicycles), Bonfire (snowboards), Arc Teryx (sportswear, the climbing equipment) and Cliche (skateboards, footwear and clothes). Following the results of 2004 sales volume Adidas - Salomon has made 6,5 billion Net profit - 314 million

Finnish Amer Sports makes skis Atomic, the equipment for tennis and golf Wilson, sports stock Suunto and the equipment for fitness Precor. The company Sales volume in 2004 has made 1,035 billion

Contract Adidas with company Amer Sports provides sale to it of division Salomon and brands belonging to it. According to terms of transaction which should be finished by the end of September, the buyer will pay 485 million In Adidas explain the reason of sale Salomon desire to concentrate on output under own brand. we have decided to concentrate on release of professional sports footwear, and also expensive daily clothes of sports style - head Adidas - Salomon Herbert Hajner has declared.

Experts believe that reduction in demand for the basic production of concern became the reason on which is on sale Salomon. So, in the first quarter of sale Adidas in Europe have grown all on 1 % and have made 959 million, Asia and the USA became the basic commodity markets. After the announcement of the transaction stock value Adidas - Salomon has risen at once on 8,66 and has made 128,76 for the action. Actions Amer also have grown on 6,9 %.

Till now it is not known, whether production Salomon in Russia after transaction end will be on sale. Representation Amer has opened in our country only in January of this year, own shops at the company are not present. In Adidas notice that since September, having transferred the French division in hands Amer, they will cease to sell production Salomon. At the Russian office Adidas could not comment on this situation, having referred to absence of notices from a staff - apartments in Germany. At the same time in the company notice that sale Salomon became for them unpleasant unexpectedness: the winter clothes under its brands did to half of sales Adidas - Salomon in Russia. Remains Salomon in the market or not, will depend now from Amer, - the councillor of directors of consulting company Sport Communication Group Andrey Malygin speaks. - anyway, they have a chance by means of such popular brand to declare itself in the market. Purchase Salomon - a serious impulse for increase of their authority among players of the sports market of Russia .