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On the eve of parliamentary elections in Great Britain, planned for May, 5th, race for power in the country has become aggravated to a limit. Yesterday the leader of conservatives Michael Howard has subjected to the sharp criticism the eight-year period of board of Tony Blair and has expressed confidence of a victory tori. Yesterday prime minister Tony Blair openly recognised for the first time that labourites stand on the verge of power loss. Oils to fire were added by the statement of the former head of a broadcasting company of the Air Forces of Greg Dajka known for the adherence to labour ideals, that it cannot to support the Labour party headed by Tony Blair .
the Polls spent in Britain on the eve of elections, on - former testify that the majority of British is ready to vote for labourites correcting in the country. Nevertheless acted on Monday on populous meeting of the supporters in Manchester the leader British tori Michael Howard has promised that on May, 5th will open New page in life of the country which becomes page of achievements . I more than am assured of positive result. Our message at last - that have heard. Now people know that is necessary for the future of the country and this Thursday they can make a correct choice - Michael Howard has declared. According to mister Howard, Tony Blair within all eight years of the premerstva lay the nations, aspiring to remain at any cost in power, to the full having shown limitation of vision situations. Michael Howard has put forward the plan of priority problems of conservatives consisting of eight points which they intend to realise in case of the victory. The given plan, in particular, provides granting of privileges to students and pensioners, simplification of transactions with real estate, acceptance of measures on perfection of system of public health services, struggle against illegal immigration and internal security strengthening.

it would be possible to name Michael Howard`s Statement usual pre-election rhetoric. However the signal which has sounded yesterday from opposite camp has confirmed validity of ambitions of conservatives. if one of ten labourites does not vote, will win tori. There is a real danger that if people remain at home or will vote for liberal democrats, finally they will receive the conservative prime minister, that without wishing - recognised on Monday of Tony Blair, acting on pre-election meeting in London.

the statement of mister Blair has been addressed that part of labourites which, according to party leadership, can go over at the last minute in other camp and by that to incline a bowl of scales in favour of political opponents. Doubts fluctuating is better the former head of the company of the Air Forces Greg Dajk has expressed yesterday, before 40 years voting for labourites and promised this time to vote for the third force of the British policy - liberal democrats. I cannot support the Labour party which heads Tony Blair - Greg Dajk has declared yesterday. Also has added: I really am sincerely convinced that our democracy has been undermined in days of Tony Blair`s board, and I think that Blair`s one more office will bring new threats of our democracy .

It is remarkable that throughout interrupted recently the long-term novel with labourites mister Dajk has offered $95 thousand for party needs and even once stood from the Labour party for city council of London. However in January of last year it has entered the conflict to the country leaders, having dispersed in estimations of how illumination of events round Iraq should be under construction, and has been compelled to leave the post.