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Race for power

to the Belarus oppositional politician Andrey Klimov naming the Proputin candidate for presidents of Belarus official accusation in infringement of article UK " is brought; the Organization of the group actions breaking a public order, or active participation in them for the organisation of the action of opposition in Minsk on March, 25th. The assistant to mister Klimov Timothy Dranchuk who has reminded what exactly Andrey Klimov has appointed to March, 25th the action " yesterday has informed on it; Revolution to draw attention Belarus and world community to the last in the Central Europe to Alexander Lukashenko`s not democratic mode.
term of holding in custody of Andrey Klimov detained on April, 22nd, is prolonged till June, 22nd. According to mister Dranchuka, charge has been shown Andrey Klimov on Friday, however the inspector has intentionally hidden date of a presentation of charge . Now eks - the deputy of the Supreme body Andrey Klimov who already was imprisoned four years on charge in illegal enterprise activity (supporters considered as its political prisoner), is in a pre-trial detention centre of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs mingorispolkoma. Business will be already transferred for acquaintance to mister Klimov on May, 6th.

it is assured that now Lukashenko simply revenges for that fear which to it was necessary to have during the action on March, 25th - his wife Tatyana Leonovich - Klimov has commented on an official presentation of charge to mister Klimov. The wife of mister Klimov has reminded that at them two children, 10 both 15 years, and mother - the invalid, needing leaving.

, Minsk