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world economy Growth in 2005 will make 4,3 % in comparison with 5,1 % in 2004. Such estimation contains in the report of the International currency fund (IMF) World Ecomomic Outlook. We will remind that in the recent report of the World bank (VB) Global Development Finance 2005 growth of world gross national product in 2005 was predicted at level of 3,1 %. In 2004, according to VB, the world economy has grown on 3,8 %. Gross national product of the USA, under the IMF forecast, in 2005 will grow on 3,6 % in comparison with 4,4 % in 2004, in 2006 - also on 3,6 %. Economic growth in the eurozone countries in 2005 and is predicted 2006 at level of 1,6 % and 2,3 % against 2 % in 2004. Gross national product of Germany will grow, according to IMF, on 0,8 % and 1,9 % accordingly, France - 2 % and 2,2 %, Italy - 1,2 % and 2 %, Spain - 2,8 % and 3 %, Japan - 0,8 % and 1,9 %, Great Britain - on 2,6 % and 2,6 %, Canada - 2,8 % and 3 %, China - 8,5 % and 8 %, India - 6,7 % and 6,4 %. Gross national product of Russia in 2005 will grow on 6,5 %, in 2006 - m - on 6 %, inflation will make 11,8 % and 9,7 % accordingly. Experts of IMF consider that easing of growth of investments into Russia has been caused YUKOS business excitements in bank sector in the middle of 2004 and slow progress in reforms.
Russian Space Department needed more money
Minister of economic development and trade Herman Gref as a whole has approved the project of the new Federal space program (FKP) on 2006 - 2015. About it as has transferred RIA News the head of Russian Space Department Anatoly Perminov has informed. At the same time, reporting on Wednesday in committee on the industry, building and State Duma high technologies, he has noticed that for successful realisation new FKP the increase in financing of space branch on 6,1 mlrd rbl. " is required; This sum is extremely necessary for planned completion of the Russian segments of the International space station and start of 26 new companions for replenishment of the Russian grouping - the head of Russian Space Department has noted. As he said, the state financing volume in 2006 should be is finished to 24 mlrd rbl. of All on realisation FKP till 2015 to Russian Space Department it is necessary 305 mlrd rbl. the Russian satellite grouping totals now 99 space vehicles whereas at the USA in an orbit 425 companions function.

the Ukrainian aircraft is recognised by dangerous to flights over the USA
Federal aviation administration of the USA (FAA) enters for Ukraine restrictions in development of an aircraft service from the USA. On it has informed Interfax . Such decision is accepted following the results of audit in the field of safety of flights. According to agency Interfax according to the report signed on April, 7th Ukraine is translated in the second category of audit FAA. It means that, by American side estimations, Ukraine in that, as to the organisation of flights, does not correspond to International Civil Aviation Organization standards.