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In a cruel drawn game

On Saturday Zenith in the next match of the championship of Russia on football accepted on Petrovsky Moscow the Locomotive . The game abounding with rigid single combats and ambiguous judicial decisions, has crowned scandal. A result - a drawn game (1:1), mass fight of fans and the statement of management FK Zenith about intention to make the official complaint to Igor Egorov`s refereeing. From a box of guests of honour Petrovsky the newly made president of the Russian football union Vitaly Mutko and the newly made head coach of Russian national team Yury Semin earlier training " observed of a match; the Locomotive . They actively exchanged impressions on a course of a match with the chairman of board of directors of Joint-Stock Company Zenith David Traktovenko and the general director of the Petersburg club Ilya Tcherkasov. Was present on game and the governor of Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko.
Zenitovtsy in the face of 20 thousand admirers very much tried to be rehabilitated after unsuccessful game in the previous round against Samara Krylja Sovetov (Petersburgers have lost to them with the account 0:3.-) also have created at gate of champions of Russia many the dangerous moments. The ending of the first time when in vygodnejshej situations Andrey Arshavin has not got on a ball was especially remembered, and Vladislav Radimov and Alexander Kerzhakova`s blows were reflected by the goalkeeper of railwaymen Sergey Ovchinnikov. There was at arbitrator Igor Egorov an occasion and to appoint in gate the Locomotive a penalty - after falling in penal the defender Zenith Pavel Maresha. However instead the judge has shown Mareshu a yellow card for simulation. Before it has awarded mustard plasters the captain Zenith Radimov and the defender Yana Flahbarta.
On 70 - j to minute Vladimir Eshtrekova`s wards have organised fast counterattack, and the goalkeeper of Petersburgers Vyacheslav Malafeev, imprudently having run out from gate, has brought down in penal the Brazilian Lima. The penalty were realised accurately by the captain the Locomotive Dmitry Loskov. However, owners have managed to recoup quickly enough. The Czech forward Lukash Gartig who has left on replacement also has helped with it to them. If on 76 - j to minute it could not close Alexander Spivaka`s lumbago after four minutes has not blundered and has finished a ball in gate after blow of Kerzhakova. At zenith remains hardly more than 10 minutes to pull out a victory. In the end of a match it has arranged the present storm of gate the Locomotive and in one of episodes the defender of visitors has filled up at a distant bar of same Kerzhakova. However the arbitrator again has not appointed 11 - metre. And Radimov`s noisy protests have about it led to that Egorov has shown it a red card. A final whistle Petrovsky Has met indignantly. As a result judges had to leave a field with protection: that Zenith has not managed to win, according to spectators, it has appeared it is guilty a hand of Moscow .
On poslematchevuju a press - conference the head coach of Petersburgers of Vlastimil Petrzhela has come with such person as if it have just sentenced to death. ` the Zenith ` never will be the champion - a mournful voice mister Petrzhela has informed. In its opinion, the judge of a match has not appointed three absolute penalties in gate the Locomotive . Also the fault of the main arbitrator consisted that it has sent Vladislav Radimov to the well-known address to Russia, which mister Petrzhela has reproduced literally. Such revelations on Petrovsky yet did not hear. Fans " have finished a picture of day; Zenith and the Locomotive arranged fight nearby to a building of Mjuzik - a hall. On its results it has been hospitalised with damages of various weight of more than 30 persons.
yesterday general director FK Zenith Ilya Tcherkasov has informed the correspondent that the club intends to make the official complaint to Igor Egorov`s refereeing in a match Zenith - the Locomotive in which all disputable episodes will be reflected. it is represented to us that Egorov`s refereeing was if not prejudiced - it we cannot confirm, - that, anyway, incompetent - mister Tcherkasov has declared. However, any judicial tendency in the relation Zenith Ilya Tcherkasov yet does not see: I Think, happened on ` Petrovsky ` on Saturday - all - taki an episode. There is an opinion that in 2003 when Vitaly Mutko was the president Russian football the prime minister - leagues, ` the Zenith ` was judged better, than last year when it it has ceased to be. On this logic now when Mutko has headed RFS and personally was present on a match, ` the Locomotive ` should ` kill `. But it has not occurred .
After the seventh round which has come to the end the day before yesterday, standings of the championship of Russia with 14 points has headed FK Moscow . And Zenith the typed 13 points, the second divides - the fourth places with Spartakom and a Torpedo . With torpedovtsami wards of Vlastimila Petrzhely meet on Thursday on Petrovsky .