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On Russian museum wanders the animal

In Russian museum is unknown the exhibition of Hungarian artist Ela Kazovski has opened. So, in a masculine gender, demands to name itself arrived to Petersburg with an exhibition the lady. MICHAEL - TROFIMENKOV tried to solve this rebus.
the public who has Gathered on an opening day much more, than painting of Ela Kazovski, was excited with an urgent problem: why this charming and cheerful woman demands to call itself in a masculine gender? On video twisted records of performances, it is quite standard gomoerotichnyh: bared efeby, pulled together putami girls in burning hats, aura of secret sexual ritual. But the artist simply is faster confuses cards, winds, avoiding any rigid identification. And in it (or, we we will concede to the request, it) pictures the game element, prjatok, hardly probable is not more important than writing, than a picturesque manner.

On style that the native of Leningrad does, in 14 years got over to Hungary and in 1978 finished the Budapest academy of Arts, - worthy tsentralnoevropejsky an expressionism, bright, mrachnovatyj, decorative, on - good rough. Compositions with wooden or cardboard figures of darlings to heart of the artist of the beings occupying its cloths, sometimes remind of Jean Djubjuffe`s works. In some pictures you catch memoirs on landscapes of El Salvador of a Distance, relieved from gladkopisi the Spaniard. But it is a question not of citing, and about participation of Ela Kazovski in that wing of surrealism which with passion of small children and tragic element of witnesses of all troubles of the XX-th century invented own mythology, the pantheons of gods and monsters.

if at Max Ernest was Lop - Lop, the master of birds painting of Ela Kazovski narrates about small pleasures and muffled, but especially frightening dangers trapping a goldfish a swan a vagrant animal . With a goldfish all becomes more or less clearly when you see a photomontage the Dvuhgolovaja small fish : accrete torsos of two connected bared young men reclining on Palace Square. For Ela Kazovski swans and small fishes - marginal heroes of the strange theatre reminding of stories, which children tell for the night, trying to frighten at first, and then to slip away from become too clear nightmare, to convince itself that everything is all right. On a question who, eventually, he, mister Kazovski has confidently answered: the Vagrant animal . An animal, more precisely, a sad small animal with the triangular muzzle, similar on volchonka, - really main character of pictures. It exists in ruinirovannom, almost deserted world: the theatre decorated with heads and - lja statues from pictures of Dzhordzho de Kiriko into whom it sometimes comes, seems the lonely certificate there is no time an existing civilisation.

He watches for reminding a mirage ballet in desert wanders on a purgatory, timidly sits on the swing set up on mountain peak decorated with fragments of statues, flies on a carpet - the plane and zavorozhenno considers dancing before it on a little table pocket Koppeliju. Separately all these episodes of the saga about an animal can seem foolish, amusing. But gathered, they cause experience of sharp loneliness, powerlessness, probably, last inhabitant of a planet on which there were only ruins, phantoms and are unknown animals.