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Cross for the sake of

Ridley Scott Easter blockbuster the Kingdom of heaven (Kingdom of Heaven) throws light on the true purpose of crusades - the world instead of war, love instead of hatred. On a fight example for Jerusalem the film shows, how Near-Eastern political crisis is authorised a trunk-call way, it is enough to rise only at fed the authorities to the simple working person. The destiny of the pious French smith was watched by LYDIA - MASLOV.
a kingdom of heaven the working name carrying also Crusaders it is cut out on the same curves, as Ridley Skota`s previous historical blockbuster the Gladiator where difficult fights went not only on arena, but also in a shower of the central characters. Russell Crowe However, playing the gladiator with the big scratch could display on the courageous face milon torments. This time the director has decided to try any more human actor: Even thickets of false wool on a fragile breast of Orlando Bluma are not capable to give more forge shape to this divine dandelion and a conceiving reed.

fragile nervicheskaja the exterior soon speaks presence at the hero of noble blood: one baron (Lajam Nison) suddenly admits to the smith that knew its mother. Acquaintance to the parent not too consoles the hero grieving on the wife - the suicide which could not worry death of the child, but nevertheless prompts it an exit. Mortally wounded baron bequeaths to the illegal offspring a title and the order to go to the Sacred earth to extract a medal For defence of Jerusalem to bath a sin of the wife, and the main thing - to find out the present price.

though in the Sacred earth as a dying baron fairly notices, an origin - an empty phrase however sexual appeal is appreciated not less, than in Roman empire. Private life of the pretty smith develops under the same scheme that at gladiator Maxim: fresh memory of the dead wife and the child at all does not disturb shashnjam with the married status young woman, the sister of the Jerusalem king (Eve Green). The king of Jerusalem eaten up by a leprosy in a silver mask (Edward Norton`s voice in Russian dubbing-in, unfortunately, it will not be audible) thinks about reforged a hammer on a sword the smith as of the successor, but that overcomes a temptation and refuses both a crown, and from the princess, preferring to have a rest under a palm tree while the husband of its mistress comes to the throne.

in the entertainment plan crusades as neizobretatelny, as gladiatorial fights, but ideology of heroes the Kingdom of heaven it is not deprived curiosity. In crusaders at Ridley Scott it is inherent rough enough and relations of familiarity to God as to the chief - to the petty tyrant who needs to be reminded more often, with what exclusive subordinates who are shedding blood for the sake of it, it deals. Characters do not hope submissively for mercy divine, and all time is put to God by any ultimatums and every second appeal to it, as though it not Supreme, and the divisional, obliged to penetrate into their squabbles. Solve, for example, for speed and gigienichnosti not to bury, and to burn fallen on the battlefield and thus are not confused that bar to dead men a way to the Kingdom of heaven: God should understand it, differently it not God . Or, let us assume, when the smith who has headed defence of Jerusalem from Moslems, decides to hand over a city on a condition of rescue of all inhabitants and defenders, he cannot recognise the defeat silently and with advantage, and hints that not so - that this Jerusalem was and is necessary: If this Kingdom of heaven the Lord will take care of it . At last, someone from the most cunning characters thinks out a universal excuse for all occasions, authorising in general any excesses - last and future: If God did not love you, he would not allow you to make that you have made .

At such pragmatic understanding of religion it is no wonder that Christians and Moslems easily find common language. And crusaders quite seriously estimate variants of safe delivery of Jerusalem: And can, this most, accept Islam and confess? and the leader of Moslems Saladin appears in a picture as the Christian collaborator, too for certain ready to confess and kiss a cross at the first good reason. The idea of a political consensus is supplemented at household level with a through line of fine friendship of the smith and saratsina, exchanging small gifts: that to it - life, and this to it - a horse. As a result Christian fatalizm ( If you are necessary to the Lord, it will keep to you life if is not present - so to that and to be ) it appears it is identical Muslim ( All of us when - nibud we will die. On all will of the Allah ), and after viewing the Kingdom of heaven you leave in perplexity: from - for what nonsense representatives of so congenial religions could quarrel completely since then.