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The speaker has gone to court

Yesterday in Samara session gordumy should take place, however from - for absence in opposition adjusted 19 to the town governor and speaker George Limansky of deputies the meeting has appeared illegitimate. However on it the mister Limansky declared that has addressed in Lenin regional court with the requirement to recognise illegal actions 21 deputies - the oppositionist, distributed in the past Friday among themselves the Duma portfolios. We will remind, on July, 19th in Samara gordume, selected three weeks ago, there was a split. 21 deputy led by vice-president GK JUICE Vitaly Ilyin have created opposition to the mayor and the speaker of a thought George Limansky. On July, 23rd they in absence of other colleagues have selected mister Ilyin of the vice-president of parliament and have distributed among themselves other Duma portfolios. Within last week all deputy case (32 persons - ) tried to hold the first organizational session of a thought, however from twice - for disagreements they could not confirm even the agenda. During opposition loyal to the mayor the thought part has begun fraction formation an United Russia declarations of accession in which, by data , have submitted 10 persons, including some oppositionists. Besides, on July, 27th George Limansky the decision has transferred a part spikerskih functions to deputy Michael Anisimov who was earlier reputed its opponent. However already next day deputies led by mister Ilyin have addressed in regional Office of Public Prosecutor, achieving cancellation of this order as it was accepted George Limansky individually, instead of the majority of people`s choices. Both conflicting parties spoke about necessity of search of the compromise, however really nobody went on negotiations. Analysts have assumed that opposition is meaningly tightened, presumably, at the initiative of the regional authorities. Opinions that the last were expressed (the surname is called and. An island of the governor and the leader regional United Russia party members - ) on the threshold of the governor`s elections planned for autumn (date is not defined yet - ) certain political agreements try to enter into with the mayoralty of Samara Sergey Sychev.
yesterday in a building of the mayoralty of Samara the part of the deputies supporting George Limansky, has tried to hold session. On it there were 7 supporters of the speaker and 2 representatives of opposition (Vitaly Ilyin and Vladimir Sjusin, both represent GK JUICE - ). About a building of their thought have met some pensioners who had control over posters which general sense was reduced to a negative estimation of activity of opponents of the speaker: Ilyin, the people never will be with you! a shame of Samara - a gangster thought . The session of the thought which have appeared illegitimate from - for absence of quorum has lasted no more than 10 minutes. On it George Limansky has declared that has the day before addressed in Lenin regional court of Samara with the requirement to recognise illegal actions 21 deputies who have gathered on July, 23rd in gubdume and have accepted a number of decisions, in particular about election of the vice-president of a thought and heads of committees. He has informed that at session before claim consideration the break appears in court. After that Vitaly Ilyin has notified the speaker leaving a hall that that part of the deputies which actions are challenged by the mayor, will hold the following session on August, 3rd in gubdume where the mayor and loyal to it members of parliament also are invited. On what the chairman of association of voters For social justice Victor Timofeev has noticed: Will suffice to hold a meeting! Moderate appetite and be engaged in work, instead of demagogy!
Upon termination of session George Limansky has commented on an event so: Separate deputies sabotage or do not understand, how sessions " are held;. Their actions, in its opinion, work to order, me it is even not clear, why they so do, specially drag out process . He has declared that, despite split in a thought, does not intend to exercise the right its dissolution as the deputy case is selected on the lawful bases, but they should understand that there is a power, there is an order and there is a subordination and it should be observed .
In turn its opponent Vitaly Ilyin has declared that after the claim of the mister Limansky will consider regional court, it will be without dependence from the decision it is challenged by this or that party in the regional court which decision, I think, all points over i will be put . Anyhow, the group of deputies which represents the majority in a thought, works in a normal mode - he has noticed, having underlined that the mayor meaningly tightens acceptance by a thought of decisions of which are waited by voters .