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Karabashmed the deputy chief Chelyabinsk GU natural resources MPR will pay for emissions

Yesterday the Russian Federation (GUPR) Valery Zherebin has declared reduction of terms of achievement of maximum permissible norms for Joint-Stock Company Karabashmed (enters into Igor Altushkina and Alexander Volhina`s copper holding). Industrial complex have obliged to reduce emission volume in atmosphere of sulphurous anhydride to three months before the term established before. Otherwise Karabashmedi it is necessary either stop manufacture, or to increase a payment for emissions in 25 times.
as an occasion to action GUPR incident has served in Karabash in June of this year: on Joint-Stock Company Karabashmed there was an emission of sulphurous anhydride, which of - for windless weathers a donkey on the earth. The raised humidity has led to occurrence of the chemical reaction, the sulfuric acid which has turned out as a result of it has destroyed wood on the area of 102 hectares and crops on 400 kitchen gardens of townsmen. As have informed in a press - service of copper group Altushkina - Volhina into whom Karabashmed enters, for compensation of a damage to the population it has been allocated by 2 million rub, also in a city two meteoposts that at windless and damp weather to have time to switch off furnaces have been established and, thus, to prevent occurrence of state of emergency.
upon emission the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Russian Federation in UrFo Yury Zolotov has made to nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor the order to file criminal charges under article 261 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Destruction or damage of woods .
Yesterday in conversation with the correspondent the deputy chief of central administrative board of natural resources and preservation of the environment MPR the Russian Federation on the Chelyabinsk area Valery Zherebin has declared that one of these days GUPR has taken out the instruction to Joint-Stock Company Karabashmed about change of terms of achievement of maximum permissible norms (PDN) emissions of polluting substances. Earlier the enterprise should finish this work till January, 1st, 2005, now - till October, 1st, 2004 - he has declared . Such decision has been taken out on the basis of commission MPR of Russia. the indignant inhabitants of Karabash have directed the complaint to the representative under human rights of the Russian Federation to Vladimir Lukinu who has in turn addressed in MPR - mister Zherebin has explained the reason of activization MPR.
As he said, if Joint-Stock Company management Karabashmed will not execute the instruction when due hereunder will be to pay from the fourth quarter of current year for atmosphere pollution in 25 times more, than now.
In holding consider on - to another. As has told a press - the secretary of holding Alexander Khanin, now the quarter size of ecological payments of Joint-Stock Company Karabashmed makes about 12 million rbl. It means that for the fourth quarter we should pay 300 million rbl. It makes more half of cost of installation WSA for catching of sulphurous gas and its transformation into commodity sulfuric acid which we now mount - he has declared . It is supposed that after installation of this installation the volume of emissions in anhydride atmosphere will be reduced in 33 times - from 120 thousand tons to 4,9 thousand tons that is norm. According to Aleksanda Khanin, earlier than till December of this year the company which is engaged in assemblage establish it cannot. it means that we or should stop Joint-Stock Company Karabashmed which is the unique supplier of draught copper on KMEZ, or to pay considerable money that the economic damage will cause to all holding - he has told.
but the company management yet has not accepted the decision on the further actions. Mister Khanin has not excluded that decisions GUPRa will be challenged in judicial instances.
will watch succession of events.