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the Rating an United Russia falls

As already informed, past Sunday at extraordinary conference of local branch an United Russia by its leader the speaker city ZakSa Vadim Tjulpanov has been selected. It has formulated the primary goal so: to increase number of supporters an United Russia . However in some days it was found out that he should be engaged not so much in it, how many party image which has essentially worsened recently. VADIM of TULIPS frankly admitted interview to correspondent SERGEY KOVALCHENKO that discussion about a monetization of social benefits has undermined trust not only to party, but also to the presidential power as a whole.
- even before election as the secretary of regional political council, you declared that the priority will be given double growth of party members in Petersburg - with 13 to 25 thousand persons. You on - former are assured, what it is the most important problem?
- working out of an accurate political platform should become the First step. Now party criticise for laws on a monetization of social benefits, and our fraction in ZakSe - for increase in municipal tariffs. I consider what to go on unpopular measures it was necessary. Therefore for that time while I will be the secretary of the city party organisation, I want to make so that necessity of these steps became obvious all. It should improve image of party.
- on - to yours, at an United Russia there are problems with image?
- it is unconditional, and after increase of tariffs of housing and communal services very serious problems. Any sociological calculations at me are not present, but as the deputy, I communicate with voters and was convinced that the party rating falls. And not only at us - falls, probably, and trust to the president. Though we will not speak yet about the president.
- the credibility gap is connected only with unpopular measures?
- Crisis is not present. But it is necessary to make so that townspeople have understood, why an United Russia votes so, instead of differently. Our party does not gather the population, and is guided by the state reasons.
- but leaves that United Russia party members go against opinion of the majority of citizens?
is not so. When the law on a monetization of social benefits was accepted in the first reading, on an insisting of our party the point obliging the government to provide a so-called social package in cost not less of 440 roubles has entered into it. It includes three basic privileges: journey on a suburban railway transportation, free medicines and sanatorno - resort treatment.
- but same the ridiculous sum?
- Yes, ridiculous. But already agreements are now entered into with the railway and carriers which provide these privileges in reasonable volume. Expenses of preferential categories of citizens will not be above this sum, and the person even still has spare cash.