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Smolnyj the chairman of city sport committee Vladimir Shitarev will pay for medals

Yesterday has told to journalists about how sportsmen of Petersburg will act on summer Olympic games in Athenes and that they will receive from a city in case of success.
on the Olympic games which will pass in Athenes from August, 13 till August, 28th, thirty Petersburg athletes from 12 sports have already selected. Fifteen more combat for the Olympic licences these days - bicyclists, gymnasts and athletes. if they act the same as on the previous Olympic Games, it will be already good - - mister Shitarev has declared. On the Olympic Games in Sydney 47 Petersburgers battled for awards in 17 sports. Now sportsmen and kinds will be less. Nevertheless the head of sport committee considers that chances of success have practically all.
according to Vladimir Shitareva, the city has spent for preparation of Olympians of 50 million roubles. On these means pharmacological preparations, equipment were got, moving of sportsmen on competitions were paid. One of these days Valentine Matvienko`s governor has signed the order on the Olympic awards: in Athenes each representative of Petersburg and its trainer will receive for a victory on 800 thousand roubles, the second prize-winner - 400 thousand, the third - 200 thousand Mister Shitarev will support fellow countrymen personally - it takes off for Athenes on August, 11th. And Matvienko`s madam has met Olympians last week. Valentina Ivanovna has handed over them a flag of Petersburg and has told, that they have hung up it in the Olympic village - Vladimir Shitarev has told. At the same meeting the governor has promised to the most young sportsman - 17 - to summer swimmer Grigory Falko - to construct in city centre pool, in that case if that will reach in Athenes a medal. Yesterday Vladimir Shitarev has told that the pool will be constructed in the street by Hlopina, the bookmark of the first stone is expected in December. Besides, there are plans to erect in settlement Serovo Tsentr of preparation of Olympians and to lead in Petersburg a match between the owner of the Cup of the European champions and the owner of the Cup Stanley on hockey (three nearest draws of the Cup of champions will pass in Northern capital.-).