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Dumas HMAO and JANAO deputies of State Duma Jamalo ratified the contract on division of powers
Yesterday - Nenets autonomous region at an emergency meeting have confirmed the contract between public authorities of the Tyumen region, HMAO and JANAO. In the afternoon before this document has passed ratification and in thought HMAO: members of parliament have confirmed the contract by correspondence voting as already are in holiday. We will remind, on July, 9th governors of these subjects of the Russian Federation have signed a compromise variant of the contract on differentiation of powers. According to the document, Tyumen delegates the basic functions transferred since 2005 by the federal law 95 from districts to areas, the authorities of autonomous regions till 2010. Instead of district annually within five years will list in the regional budget nearby 20 mlrd rbl. - on financing obshcheoblastnyh programs, and also for a covering of dropping out incomes (an order 6 mlrd rbl.) Which appear at the south of the Tyumen region after coming into force of amendments in Budgetary and Tax codes since January, 1st, 2005. For definitive coming into force the thought of the Tyumen region which plans to consider him at the next session on August, 12th should confirm the contract.