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Journalists have no need to wash

Yesterday shareholders housing - building co-operative society “ the Journalist - 98 “ have addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area with the statement in which have asked to find the budget money allocated for building of this house within the limits of the governor`s program. The constructed house cannot put in operation from - for absence teplopunkta. In regional Management of capital construction (UKS) which acts as the general contractor of building, actions of representatives ZHSK have concerned easy, having noticed that “ the house is constructed, lacks are eliminated “ and journalists have the right to address where want.
about building of habitation for employees of mass-media within the limits of the governor`s program of building of preferential habitation for inhabitants of countryside and state employees head of area Edward Rossel has signed the decree in 1998. The future tenants have brought at once 10 % from apartment cost, other sum should pay within 20 years.
Instead of the promised one and a half years the house was under construction six: building it was repeatedly frozen from - for problems with financing. Building managed to be finished only this year. As already informed „”, session of the working commission on reception " on June, 30th has taken place; houses of journalists “ in operation. But a building and have not accepted: representatives of co-operative society have refused to sign the acceptance certificate - transfers, having explained it to that the house is not ready to delivery. Absence in a building of hot water was the biggest claim: it has appeared that contractors have not constructed teplopunkt, provided by the project.
yesterday eight shareholders ZHSK “ the Journalist - 98 “ have addressed to the public prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area Boris Kuznetsovu with the request to understand a situation. In the statement they have listed all facts, from - for which the house cannot be accepted in operation (only nine points), and also have asked to find out, where were istracheny the budget money allocated with the regional authorities on its building.
members of co-operative society have informed the prosecutor of the region that builders have not made zemleotvod, have not made delivery to municipality of external engineering networks. In addition to it the pump station does not cope with water delivery on the top floors, and also is absent teplopunkt on which building three years were released “ considerable budgetary funds “. For these reasons journalists cannot create association of proprietors of habitation (TSZH) and conclude the contract about Top - Isetsky management of housing and communal services - the operational organisation on house service.
meanwhile, in UKSe which was engaged in building erection, consider the problem executed. “ The house is constructed, lacks are eliminated, there is a problem with teplopunktom which now dares. But I assure you that hot water necessarily will appear to the cold season beginning “ - the assistant to general director UKSa Vyacheslav Anokhin has told to the correspondent „”, having explained that teplopunkt it is entrusted to construct the companies “ Atomstrojkompleks “ which erects houses near to ZHSK “ the Journalist “. In Office of Public Prosecutor builders have concerned the reference of members of co-operative society easy. “ the public prosecutor on that also is the public prosecutor to understand the law. We are from its part assured that all will be as it should be “ - mister Anokhin has told.
the management of the ministry of building and housing and communal services of Sverdlovsk area which supervises this building, has refused comments, motivating with that any official papers to them did not arrive. But a press - the secretary of the ministry Elena Tolmachyov nevertheless has informed „” that its department entirely supports point of view UKSa, and journalists have the right “ to address where want “.