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The ant hill

In the Arena has begun V International festival of performance and experimental arts. With Anna TOLSTOV`S details.
in Venice only one biennial of the modern art. And in their Petersburg - whole two, both is in the Arena. Certainly, anybody here does not raise at the Venetian status, though among present participants heroes last Venetian biennial is: Vyacheslav Mizin and Alexander Shaburov with firm, not new, truth, video on a knee 25 performances about globalisation . More truly, their videoclip will twist next week, and on this other domestic celebrities are promised: Prigov Family the postconceptualism, Vyacheslav Kolejchuka`s Workshop - for postkinetizm are responsible. But they too still are not present - will be tightened. In general, easy organizational confusion - firm manezhnoe nou - hau, a way to create atmosphere eternal art in process. Here the Icelandic artist David Hebb sits on a floor and with maniacal persistence spreads from pollaroidnyh photographs a huge mandala - podi guess, whether the person before opening was not in time, whether it and is performance.
lists invited throughout many years novelty and a variety do not indulge. In the third time there has arrived gloomy London professor Adrian Palka, as always with musical performance. In the second time goes on tour hanty - mansijsky a nature and person Museum. Business, certainly, not that here appreciate only the old, checked up clients. Only old and checked up basically also go. And an explanation to it the most simple: the sizes of the budget which do not allow anything. Even journey to artists to pay. Therefore here rejoice to everything international like it is intolerable provincial Petersburg - mjunsterskoj a cultural meeting One space - at one time . From here an abundance obvious contemporary - stuff. Frank non-polluting and politically correct banality. Frank platitude like foolish Presentiments with the bricks suspended on threads over ten of eggs. Against which the most graceful projects are lost even. For example, an exhibition Identification Sergey Sveshnikov: pictures Petersburg art - the parties covered prorisjami of figures on plastic, - an eternal theme of nostalgia as essence of a photo. Or Vladimir Tretjakova and Nikita Ivanov`s interactive object - Nomana time Well - about the same: there is in the middle of a hall a present well felling, from it the Soviet songs rush, and instead of a chain with a bucket on a collar - a wide tape - a collage from old photos which can be considered, gradually reeling up a tape on a shaft. This substantiated metaphor has turned out live, and even literally - the pine felling smells as pitch, on porosshemu a lichen to a tree ants run. In possibility to find out one original work among thousand tone of art ore of this huge art - an ant hill also is unique advantage of festival.