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The declaration on intentions

MAN will construct the service centre in Moscow
the German manufacturer of trucks and buses MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, entering into group MAN, till the end of 2005 will enclose 7 million in building of the service centre in Moscow. The director for company Ellis Viljamson marketing has informed on it. We will remind, in 1997 MAN Nutzfahrzeuge together with the Minsk automobile factory and the company the Harmony - OMS - holding has founded Joint-Stock Company joint venture MAZ - MAN on release of lorries.

Americans will recolour the Moscow refuellings
the American consulting company GroupRed LLC declared that will participate in working out of the new concept of marketing and advancement of refuelling complexes of the Moscow fuel company (MTK). The network of autorefuellings belonging to the capital mayoralty is transferred in an authorised capital stock of the Moscow oil and gas company (MNGK), 55 which % of actions belong to the mayoralty of Moscow, 45 more % - British Sibir Energy, (SE), MNGK Shalve under control to the president Chigirinsky. According to GroupRed, the company has received the order on rebrendingu refuellings MTK from SE. The press - secretary MNGK Nikolay Frolov has told that in September of current year in capital is planned to open two refuelling complexes MTK of a new format.

Morgan Stanley has increased the package in TUI
On Wednesday it became known that the American investment bank Morgan Stanley within last two months has increased the package in German tourist concern TUI about 5 % to 10,1 %. According to analysts, it is not excluded that Morgan Stanley plans purchase of all share holding of this company largest on sales volumes in the market to Europe. Now TUI, already more than a year announcing plans of an exit for the Russian market by purchase of one of domestic tour operators, has not the best times. The prices for its actions in the last have fallen some months to third that can lead to a conclusion of the company from German share index DAX.

Game rules
an Ukrtelecom have cleaned from the auctions
Yesterday a press - the service of fund of the state property of Ukraine has informed on an announcement response about the competition announcement on sale of 42,86 % of actions of a national communications service provider an Ukrtelecom . About terms of the repeated announcement of the tender it is not given, however, according to the Ukrainian news agency Details it can follow in the autumn of this year. As informs news agency referring to a source in the cabinet of Ukraine, having transferred tender terms, the Ukrainian authorities have met wishes Russian AFK System Which now carries on active negotiations with ministry and Presidential Administration concerning privatisation of a part of a state block of shares of actions an Ukrtelecom . In the company System - a Telecom operating telecommunication actives AFK System yesterday have refrained from comments concerning the reasons of carrying over of terms of the tender.

the Share capital has replaced shareholders
Yesterday Open Society the Share capital (Almetyevsk, Tatarija), the large regional registrar, has published data on changes in structure of shareholders of the society owning not less 5 % of ordinary actions of Open Society. The share have lowered the ministry of ground and property relations of Tatarii (from 10,1 % to 3,4 %), Open Society Tatneftegeofizika (from 11,8 % to 4 %), Solden Investments Ltd (from 7,3 % to 2,5 %), Ismona Trading Co. Ltd (from 9,9 % to 3,3 %), Open Society Tatneft (From 9,5 % to 3,2 %). At the same time as a part of participants of a society there was a new shareholder - Joint-Stock Company investitsionno - the financial company ` Solid ` which has got 7,7 % of actions of the registrar. As the first deputy of the general director " has explained; the Share capital Rinat Kamayev, changes in structure of shareholders have resulted dopemissii which placing has come to the end in the beginning of May.

Judiciary practice
Factory managers have appointed without the report
Yesterday arbitration court of the Nizhniy Novgorod region has stopped manufacture under the claim of the shareholder of Kulebaksky metal works (KMZ), Open Company Skandinavian - 93 (it posesses 8 % of actions of factory). According to the claimant, KMZ has broken the rights of shareholders, without having executed the decision of board of directors from February, 10th, 2004 about Andrey Pashkovsky`s appointment to the place of present general director Nikolay Rjabykina. The chief jurotdela KMZ Elena Fedorenko is assured that February session has passed with infringements of the charter of joint-stock company, and its report has been forged. One week ago the court has asked representatives Skandinavian - 93 to present the original of the report of session of board of directors, however yesterday the claimant could not confirm the claims documentary.

to Shipping company it is refused the claim to Audit Chamber
Yesterday arbitration court of Moscow has stopped manufacture under Open Society claim Murmansk sea shipping company (MMP) about a recognition void orders of Audit Chamber (joint venture) of the Russian Federation about shipping company check. The court has decided that the joint venture order cannot be challenged in court because is the internal document of department, does not bear imperiously - administrative functions and does not mention economic interests of the third parties. Let`s remind, it is a question of the order about check of efficiency of use of the icebreaking fleet which is since 1998 in management MMP. The document has been signed on March, 3rd, 2004 by the vice-president of the joint venture Alexander Semikolennyh. On the basis of this check in May auditors have drawn a conclusion that the icebreaking fleet in balance cost from above 9,3 mlrd rbl. is used by shipping company illegally, and the damage of the state from this use exceeds 200 million rbl. (told about it on May, 17th). On check materials the Murmansk regional Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges. Meanwhile the similar claim of lawyers MMP is now in the Supreme Arbitration Court.

affiliated structures " Go bankrupt; Zapsibgazproma
Yesterday Open Society Zapsibgazprom (Tyumen, to Gazprom 76,69 % of its actions belong) has informed that the arbitration court of the Tyumen region has opened on July, 15th competitive manufacture in Joint-Stock Company the Central association on designing, building, operation of objects of gas supply and sotskultbyta (Saratov, all of 100 % of Joint-Stock Company actions belong Zapsibgazpromu ) . The competitive managing director of the company appoints member NP the Ural self-adjustable organisation of arbitration managing directors Alexander Kazantsev who is the time managing director of other affiliated structure Zapsibgazproma undergoing supervision procedure, - Open Company Trust Tjumengazpromstroj and also to competitive managing directors of building division Zapsibgazproma - Joint-Stock Company Zapsibgazstroj . The day before Zapsibgazprom has informed that on termination of competitive manufacture on a judgement Open Society " has been liquidated; Zapsibgazifikatsija on 24 % belonging to Gazprom and on 30 % - Zapsibgazpromu .
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