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The world (Austria) invites on July, 30th

Festival of leather trousers in Vindishgartene. Till August, 1st. This holiday is devoted traditional and very fashionable clothes in Austria - Lederhosen, or to leather trousers. All wishing to take part in festival should arrive in Vindishgarten in such trousers. Then they have possibility to take part in numerous cheerful competitions and to receive prizes.
street festival in Waterford (Ireland). Till August, 1st. It is the largest summer party in Ireland. In its program numerous concerts of live music, performance of street theatres, actors. The main event of festival is the big parade in which take part to 400 persons. Annually a holiday visit over 50 thousand persons.
festival in Uorstede (England). Till August, 1st. Here it is possible not only to see an exhibition of ancient cars, to listen to live music, to look at demonstration performances of fire-fighting crews and sports competitions, but also to visit the big fair of craft products, to observe work of weavers and to visit an agricultural machinery exhibition.
festival komiksa in Hong Kong. Till August, 3rd. This festival is devoted comics, children`s toys and computer games. The exposition devoted to extreme sports will here too be developed.
wine festival in Wiesbaden (Germany). Till August, 2nd. The festival represents the wines made of production over 100 vineyards, including Riesling, sparkling wines and Pinot Noir.