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Volgograd becomes capital the Native land

Yesterday leaders of the Volgograd regional branch of political party the Native land have spent a press - conference on which have published the program - a minimum for the Volgograd region in the light of decisions of the All-Russia congress which has taken place in Moscow last week. The main task of the local organisation - end of structural transformations and strengthening of presence at the legislative and executive authorities. the native land intends to take active part in elections of heads of municipal unions and the governor of region. However, Party members yet have not published surname of candidates which will support on this post. Active workers of the Volgograd regional branch the Native land have collected journalists to share impressions of participation in historical the congress which has taken place in Moscow on July, 6th. Local partjachejku at a forum represented 3 delegates - the leader of the regional organisation Dmitry Kolomytsev and two it zama Sergey Chernov and Grigory Naumov. According to mister Kolomytseva, the new party program generated at congress has received the big resonance in political circles . In the manifesto under the symbolical name For the Native land and justice accepted by delegates, the organisation has defined the position as resolutely oppositional in relation to the federal government and liberal reforms. it will be party socially - patriotic sense - mister Kolomytsev has concluded, having noticed that the Native land seriously intends to occupy completely the left flank and to remove the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Besides, the leader local rodintsev has told that it have included in party presidium. It also became the co-ordinator of party on JUFO. So Volgograd became capital The native land in Southern district - Sergey Chernov has joked it zam. According to Dmitry Kolomytseva, this beginning only of structural changes. To finish formation the ideological base rodintsy intend till September of this year. The special attention will be given influence strengthening in regions. Now in a local cell - one of the greatest and representative orga - nizatsy - 1837 Party members consist. we will not pursue quantity, our problem - to involve true supporters, instead of konjunkturshchikov - mister Kolomytsev has declared, having underlined that the Native land does not wish to repeat destiny of NDR and other something ephemeral. we should create in the City Council and regional Duma the fighting units - he has told, having explained that the beginning is already necessary to it . Under its forecasts, fractions of Legislative Assemblies at first will not be numerous. In the City Council on a position the Native land have already risen Vladimir Zaparin and Andrey Belenko, and in regional Duma - Natalia Latyshevsky and Angar Politsimako. Mister Kolomytsev has not excluded that in due course to rodinskim to fractions other deputies, and " will adjoin also; even United Russia party members . And in due course our representatives become the majority in all regional thoughts and area councils - he has pensively assumed. Local the Native land also intend to strengthen the presence not only in legislative, but also in executive power, and to take active part in elections of heads of municipal unions. very strong participation Volgograd rodintsy are going to accept and in elections of the governor of the Volgograd region which will take place in December of this year. According to Dmitry Kolomytseva, at all prospective candidates is a great interest to to the Native land . However, at whom exactly, he has not specified, has only foggy hinted that many now try to adjoin spiritual party leader Dmitry Rogozin . According to mister Kolomytseva, already a number of persons blabbed out, and there are internal sympathies for some . However Party members will accept the final decision not earlier than September. it will be a figure which we will support, and can, we will put forward also the. Such turn " is probable also; - it has intrigued.