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The Chechen candidates have not started up in the air

towards to elections in the Chechen Republic

Yesterday in campaign for the presidential elections of the Chechen Republic appointed for August, 29th, the propaganda period has begun. In an aether of the state electronic mass-media already there were debuts of candidates in presidents. However, for technical reasons heads of TV channels have refused the air that has been regarded by some candidates as restriction of a freedom of speech.
each of seven registered candidates in presidents of the Chechen Republic, according to the toss-up spent by republican electoral committee, has received free time for performance in a body - and an air of the state broadcasting companies (independent electronic mass-media in republic are not present). Yesterday candidates have addressed for the first time to the voters. Two have However, made of them (to an aether invited all seven) - the general director of association " it only; Grozneftehim Umar Abuev and the director of the Chechen branch of Modern humanitarian academy Abdula of Bulls. According to the vice-president of a state broadcasting company of the Chechen Republic Bilkis Dudaevoj, no political underlying reason in this fact is present: One were outside of republic, others have appeared are occupied by private affairs .
However as has found out, not all candidates knew that yesterday they had a possibility to address to voters on local television. I am informed only on time of my individual performance, and about collective debate I was not in a course - candidate Movsar Hamidov has informed the correspondent. However, concerning the passed free performance the candidate has not stated a special regret. He, as well as some other participants of elections, considers that the effect from TV appearances was considerably above if they passed in the air. To us candidate Bugaev addressed with such claims, but we have explained to it that nobody is going to be engaged in censorship of TV appearances of the candidates, all business in our technical possibilities - Dudaev`s madam has explained yesterday. Nevertheless in a pre-election staff of Abduly Bugaeva refusal of the air have regarded as restriction of a freedom of speech: About technical possibilities are excuses, actually the authorities are afraid of uncontrolled performances of candidates .
do not believe in the Chechen Republic and that completely the broadcasting company under control to the republican authorities can keep a neutrality in relation to candidates. Alu Alhanova (the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic supported on elections by the Kremlin and a command of late president Ahmata Kadyrov. - ) for a long time already show in all releases of news, and an example in illegal, in my opinion, propagandas submit the central TV channels - has complained in conversation with Movsar Hamidov. Bilkis Dudaev has assured that preferences to anybody from candidates it will not be given, but at the same time has not excluded that in news releases of local television and henceforth there can be plots about events, in which the chairman of social council on restoration of the Chechen Republic Alu Alhanov " will take part;.