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Murder of the Afghani leader have written off on the addict


Cassation board of the Supreme court (VS) Russia has left yesterday without changes a verdict of guilty to Alexander Hintsu - to one of executors of murder of the chairman of the Russian fund of disabled veterans in Afghanistan (RFIVA) Michael Lihodeja made in November, 1994. Alexander Hintsu - to the only thing from accomplices of this crime - did not manage to avoid punishment.
we will remind, on April, 6th this year the Moscow City Court has sentenced Alexander Hintsa to 15 - to the summer conclusion. Jurymen recognised the defendant guilty without indulgence in murder of chairman RFIVA of Michael Lihodeja and its bodyguard Valery Nurina, and also in attempt at murder of the spouse of mister Lihodeja Elena Krasnolutsky and its second bodyguard Ivan Lesnyh. All of them have suffered during explosion of the bomb mortgaged in an intercom of the lift of the house in which Michael Lihodej lived.
In business about its murder - one of the loudest crimes of the middle 1990 - h years - as suspects appeared also Vladimir Lukovsky and Vladimir Mamurkin. The first disappears till now from justice presumably in the USA. Concerning mister Mamurkina criminal case has been stopped in August, 2000 - now he successfully is engaged in business. In November of this year criminal case concerning Vladimir Lukovsky, probably, too will stop: behind the expiration of a ten years` limitation period from the moment of fulfilment of a crime by it.
Michael Lihodej who has headed RFIVA in 1994 instead of the chairman displaced from a post of fund of Valery Radchikova, became a victim of dismantlings which, under the version of the investigation, have been connected with the privileges given to fund by the government. These privileges extended, in particular, on import of the goods from - for a boundary, than Valery Radchikov who has scared together a fortune on duty-free deliveries has ostensibly used.
Valery Radchikova named the customer of murder of Michael Lihodeja and the organizer of one more loud crime - explosion on the Kotljakovsky cemetery in Moscow on November, 10th, 1996, 14 persons who have carried away life marking second anniversary of destruction of Michael Lihodeja at its tomb. Among victims there was chairman RFIVA of that time Sergey Trahirov and the widow of mister Lihodeja Elena Krasnolutsky. In 2001 Valery Radchikov justified by then on the case of explosion on Kotljakovke, was lost in accident.
the yesterday`s decision of board VS on criminal cases should put an end in long-term investigation of one of episodes of the Afghani dismantlings of ten years` prescription. Meanwhile in RFIVA assert that sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment 35 - summer Alexander Hints completely not key figure in a chain of tragical events: Neither it, nor Vladimir Lukovsky could not make, for example, a bomb as not only had no relation to explosive business, but at all did not serve in army.
the bastard (Alexander Hints. - ) has incurred the deserved penalty, but it could give and more, - one of long-term members RFIVA, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper published by fund ` Pobratim ` Vladimir Alekseev has told. - before murder we of this Hintsa in eyes did not see. To our fund it had the equal account no any relation. It was only the helper of the killer, him have simply bribed, after all it was the addict and was ready for a dose on everything .