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Controllers of gas have got into dispute

legislative regulation

Yesterday noncommercial partnership the Russian gas society (RGO) has presented to the government the remarks to amendments to the law About gas supply in the Russian Federation . The criticism was caused by amendments which redistribute powers between authorities: for example, over regional systems of gas supply are offered control to transfer municipalities. Against amendments acts and Gazprom : crushing of uniform system of gas supply will cause growth of tariffs for end users.
Valery Jazev, head RGO and the chairman of committee of the State Duma on power, transport and communication, named amendments offered by the government to the laws, concerning regulations of gas branch, absolutely not qualified (contradicting laws About the general principles of the organisation of local government and About gas supply ) . But the main thing - these amendments give state regulation of tariffs for services gazoraspredelitelnyh the organisations (GRO) on municipal level. Among the basic lobbyists of amendments - heads of municipalities.
according to vice-president RGO Oleg Zhilin (before abolition of the Federal power commission it worked as the assistant to its head George Kutovogo), transfer of networks of low pressure (on them sale of gas to end users is carried out) under control of municipalities will lower safety of their operation. Integrity of federal uniform system of gas supply (ESG) is broken also. Today costs of regional gas supply dotirujutsja at the expense of work ESG. At crushing ESG on small-scale enterprises the system of gas supply of the remote territories is doomed to extinction - he considers.
against amendments acts and Gazprom . According to the deputy chief of department of economic examination and pricing Gazprom Vladimir Safonova, at crushing ESG all kinds of expenses, including expenses on technical safety will increase. And it will lead to inevitable growth of tariffs for end users. Concern Gazprom cause also offers to refuse compensation GRO of the losses caused by a neopayment of gas by not disconnected consumers. In this case, according to mister Safonova, GRO cannot protect the rights broken by default of duties of consumers on payment of put gas. Guards also that subjects of the Russian Federation are debarred by the federal authorities from definition of the status of gas fields.
according to mister Jazeva, consideration of amendments by the government needs to be transferred on autumn session of the State Duma when changes in the law " will be passed; About main principles of regulation of tariffs for municipal services services in which also it is told about responsibility for gas supply. But at the government the plans. Discussion in the second reading of amendments to laws on regulation of gas branch is planned for August, 2nd, in the third - for August, 5th. there will be a discussion, and we together with a package of amendments of the government will put on voting the package of remarks to these amendments - mister Jazev has warned.