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Riga champions

Latvians have again given battle to Turks
League of champions

In eight matches of the second day of the second qualifying round of draw of League of champions of loud sensations has not occurred. From the commands starting in tournament from the first round, only Lithuanian Kaunas, drawn on a visit with Swedish Djurgarden - 0:0, has managed to achieve the result, giving vent quite good chances on in the following stage. And Riga Skonto there were no several minutes to get the best over Trabzonspor.
the great interest in Europe suffices has caused a match between Skonto and Trabzonspor. After last year`s joints the European championship of a meeting of Turkish commands with the Latvian are considered as the basic. And game has really turned out strained, truth, not so entertainment.
Trabzonspor, the leading first match in present tournament, looked hardly more preferably and account rather favourable to has deserved. The first time owners have frankly ruined. For 45 minutes they have never disturbed the Australian goalkeeper Trabzonspor Michael Petkovicha. And here visitors could hammer at least twice. Once it has not carried, and once again Skonto goalkeeper Andrey Piedels has gained.
In the second time game vyravnjalas, and at Petkovicha has appeared work. On 68 - j to minute it has been compelled to get a ball from the gate: after Michael Zemlinsky`s canopy in a penal Turk riding struggle was fastened, the ball has jumped aside to Gatisu Kalnynshu, and that in one contact has directed it to a grid. After that rizhane have departed all command to the collars, but to keep the victorious account have not managed. Ibrahim Jattada which have left on replacement on 87 - j has beautifully beaten to minute on flank at once two defenders of owners, has hung on a line vratarskoj where the first the ball had Jilmaz Mehmet Hilmi.
the Instructor rizhan Alexander Starks after a match recognised: the Result is natural, the account is fair. As I also expected, Trabzonspor it has appeared a strong team. It is glad that Skonto looked adequately in a match with such contender .
the Champion of Lithuania Kaunas who, as well as Skonto, led already the third match in present draw, too has managed to achieve a drawn game, but on departure - with Swedish Djurgarden. Owners, naturally, attacked all match, but and gate of visitors could not unpack. Probably, they did not have not enough support of spectators. As well as in Riga, on tribunes extensive emptiness gaped.
adequately looked in Scandinavia and one more command from the former USSR - Tiraspol the Sheriff . And Rosenborg in Trondheim supported almost full stadium. The veteran of League of champions has quickly enough opened the account: on 23 - j to minute Frude Jonsen has caused a stir, but in ten minutes visitors managed productive counterattack, and Rezvan Kochin has managed to hammer in a reciprocal ball. And still to keep more than an honourable drawn game to a Dnestr command it was not possible, as she tried. The victory to owners was brought by exact blow five minutes prior to Kristera George`s final whistle.
game has passed in two matches practically under the identical scenario: owners conducted in the account - 2:0, but visitors evened up scores. In Zurich Swiss Young Boys has scored a goal in gate Crvena Zvezda, unique of commands playing the environment which won the main European club tournament, on 65 - j to minute - in eight minutes after Serbs remained ten together: the second prevention was received by Dragan Stanich. But visitors nevertheless have managed to recoup. Both goals on the account of Nikoly Stanicha. Having passed the first ball, owners have like mad rushed to make up for advantage in two balls, for as have been punished.
Sparta, conducted by Karelian Poborski, lost Apoel - 0:2 - already to 48 - j to minute, but has found forces to recoup. Probably, she would achieve and bolshego, but the match passed in terrible heat, and at the Czech football players by its end simply does not remain forces.
the Most confident victory has gained Bruges, accepting plovdivsky the Locomotive . Belgians attacked all match, have wasted a heap of the moments, but as a result nevertheless dozhali the contender. Into second half second a time in two goals has hammered eks - forward Aston Villa Croat Boshko Balaban.
Return matches - on August, 4th. Contenders of winners from among the commands starting in the third qualifying round, become known today.