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we do not have such purposes which would demand military bases in the Central Asia

the post-Soviet territory

short working visit to Moscow assistant to the US State Secretary on affairs of Europe and Eurasia Elizabeth JOHNS Yesterday has taken place. Before the beginning of negotiations with a management the madam Johns in interview to correspondent BORIS - VOLHONSKY has told the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation about main principles of a policy of the USA on the post-Soviet territory.
- what questions you will put before the Russian management? What causes the greatest concern?
- My visit to Russia - a component of regular contacts between our countries. I want to use this possibility for discussion of all circle of the questions which are on the agenda. It both economy questions, and safety issues, a number of universal problems, questions of cooperation within the limits of OSCE, problems of decaying conflicts.
- whether there Is in the agenda of your negotiations a question on deliveries of the Russian weapon to Sudan?
- Yes. Should notice that the situation in Sudan causes our serious concern. For this reason we hope for acceptance of the resolution of the UN Security Council which would forbid arms supplies in this country. We, from its part, spend tough policy on a non-admission of traffic in arms with the countries entering into the list of sponsors of terrorism. And Sudan is such country.
- statements are how much proved, what Russia trades in the weapon with Sudan?
- They are very well well-founded.
- and what influence levers at you is?
- I just am going to discuss these questions during negotiations. (About a situation in Sudan and round it the material see p. 9. - .)
- What main points in the field of economy you are going to discuss?
is a usual circle of the questions, which presidents Putin and Bush discuss constantly: investments, cooperation in sphere of power, a way of the further advancement of our cooperation, intellectual property questions that is especially important in the light of Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization.
- and a situation round YUKOS?
- Business of YUKOS us interests not in the sense that this company, and in that plan has made, whether there is in Russia the reliable transparent legal system, allowing to solve similar problems within the limits of the law. Eventually, it is very important for an investment climate: while investors will not be convinced of leadership of the law, that it guarantees the fair relation of the authorities, it will be difficult to convince them to put up money to Russia.
- When in 2001 of the USA placed the armies in the Central Asia, it was a question that the American military presence at region carries a temporality...
- All will depend on situation development in Afghanistan. If you look at how bases in Kirghizia and Uzbekistan will see function that they are used as transfer points: planes arrive, armies change to other planes and fly further. As a matter of fact, all our military presence at the Central Asia is subordinated the purposes of supply of peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan.
- whether there are no plans to locate there?
- Is not present. We simply do not have such purposes which would demand creation of military bases in the Central Asia. Therefore, when we say that our presence carries a temporality we mean: we will stay there so much time, the situation in Afghanistan how many will demand.
Certainly, absence of plans of creation of military bases does not exclude military cooperation in professional training business, work within the limits of programs on maintenance of civil control over armed forces, cooperation with the NATO within the limits of the program Partnership for the sake of the world and etc. But it is an individual question. And in these spheres we co-operated long before 2001. Eventually, we have military attaches in all countries, including in Russia.
- Georgia is not on a way to Afghanistan. Nevertheless there the American military men have been placed.
- Is not present, it were instructors who have already left the country. Besides, the sending purpose to Georgia military instructors consisted in training the Georgian military men and to achieve that the Chechen insurgents could not get into this country. So it has been made in full conformity including with the purposes of Russia.
- the USA often use concept of human rights as a method of political pressure. But when speech comes about allies, about it as though forget. To take, for example, Uzbekistan. It turns out, what human rights of the USA remember only when it politically favourably?
- Is not present. Just if to speak about Uzbekistan we have closed two weeks ago variety of programs of the help and financing. However, we are disturbed by not so much situation with human rights - in this area Uzbekistan has made some important steps: in particular, has taken measures to a non-admission of tortures in prisons, has admitted UN observers. We are disturbed by absence democratic and economic reforms in this country. And we never shut eyes to this problem. We constantly repeat that the terrorism problem cannot be solved only military methods and in the area of law enforcement bodies. Creation of such economic and political conditions which would eliminate the roots of this problem is required. Also it is our general approach to all to eight countries of the Central Asia and Transcaucasia.