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Alexander Lukashenko will arm Sudan with tractors

the President of Sudan Omar Hasan al - Bashir has finished visit to Belarus. During a trip he has visited the main Belarus enterprises - MAZ, BelAZ and the Minsk tractor factory. According to in Minsk, Sudaneses trucks, the medical and agricultural equipment, medicines and the electrogoods interest a tractor. In opinion of foreign military experts, Sudan first of all interests the Belarus weapon. the known refuge of terrorists - Sudan where at one time there lived Osama bin Laden, receives rather qualitative weapon from Belarus: tanks T - 55, fighting helicopters Mi - 24. The arms which Belarus sends to Sudan, either come into the hands of terrorists, or are applied to civil wars in which course already were lost over 2 million persons - The Washington Post newspaper confirms referring to informed circles.
Official Minsk denies the participation in delivery of arms to the countries or the groups supporting terrorism. Documentary acknowledgement of military cooperation with the countries - derelicts really is not present, and the figures resulted in the American newspaper, most likely, are taken from the Belarus press. In 2001 the newspaper the Belarus market has published the list of contracts on sale of arms to the Muslim countries: Algeria, 1997 - 24 tactical bombers C - 24; Algeria, 1999 - 2000 - 36 cp the Instant - 29; poo, 2001 - 48 o T - 72; c, 1997 - 1998 - 1920 anti-tank missiles 9119; C, 1995 - 10 c. oo Kalashnikova; C, 1996 - six o T - 55; C, 1996 - six fighting poo Mi - 24. The majority of contracts concern to 90 - m to years when any world war with terrorism it was not conducted also the international sanctions on one of the specified countries did not extend.
during the last years the similar data was not published. However supporters of the version about purchase by Sudan of the weapon specify in inopportuneness of deliveries of the Belarus agricultural machinery during the period when Sudan actually is at war and in expectation of introduction of peacemakers of the United Nations. Guards also that fact that the mister al - Bashir has not charged to solve questions of import of tractors and the electrogoods to somebody from experts, and has gone to Minsk personally.