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In Pitchugin`s business there was a confidential package

state secret

Yesterday in Moscow City Court preliminary hearings on business of the head of security service NK Alexey Pitchugin`s YUKOS and unemployed Alexey Peshkuna accused of the organisation of murders and attempts have proceeded. Defenders of the accused have asked, that their wards were judged by jurymen, and the legal investigation passed in an open mode.
we will remind that the previous session has come to the end with that lawyers have asked court to give the chance to make a copy from videorecording of interrogation accused and the witness on which defenders have heard extraneous voices (lawyers suspect that the witness gave evidences under the help of inspectors and field investigators). However, according to lawyer Grigory Kaganera, the court has refused this petition. Then lawyers have declared the new: about an exception of business materials a confidential package .
This package with a signature stamp ` it is confidential ` has appeared already after we have familiarised with materials of business and it has arrived in Moscow City Court, - mister Kaganer has explained, - and we have no concept that in it contains .
Against this petition Svetlana Artemyev who has declared that " has sharply acted a state accuser; lawyers are guilty that do not acquaint them with the maintenance ` a confidential package ` as they have refused to give a subscription about state secret nondisclosure . As a result the court has rejected the petition of lawyers. After that they have declared repeated tap to the public prosecutor and the judge, however and this time have achieved nothing. Presiding has rejected tap to state accuser Artemevoj, and the tap even did not begin to consider, having declared to lawyers that it already earlier (at the previous session. - ) has considered about it all arguments of protection and has considered their unpersuasive .
After that lawyers have declared the petition for change to Alexey Pitchugin a preventive punishment on any, not connected with arrest, but the judge after a small break has refused and it, having referred to weight of charge. Only by the evening defenders have come nearer to consideration of the most important question for the sake of which, actually, and preliminary hearing is carried out.
judge Natalia Olihver has offered accused and protection to solve, they prefer what court: the jurymen, one judge or board from three professional judges. According to mister Kaganera, lawyers have supported a jury, but mister Pitchugin did not begin to hurry up with the answer, having asked the judge to give the chance to familiarise it with contents a confidential package .
Simultaneously with it the judge has asked defenders and accused as they prefer to hear case - in the closed or open mode. Accused and their lawyers have unanimously supported open hearings. However Olga Kostinoj`s lawyer (the former head of department of public relations of the mayoralty of Moscow on which attempt has been made) Ekaterina Kuvjatkina has wished, that the court was closed. Between lawyers accused and victims skirmish was fastened, but judge Olihver has not allowed to inflame to passions. She declared a break till today. Accordingly, today the question on hearing will be solved also has put a jury and about a process openness.