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Porridge the Pancake week you will not spoil

Bosco di Ciliegi the presentation

Company Bosco di Ciliegi has opened shop wide open
wintered and officially declared the beginning of spring, having opened on New Arbate shop Articoli - Spring . In the former Soviet department store Spring at the same time have celebrated the Pancake week.
celebrating has begun in the afternoon. Crowd of visitors Bosco di Ciliegi, having thrown with Russian scarfs, it was treated with pancakes and fritters. Directly in the street in the tents painted with colours, there were tubs with red caviar - it was scooped wooden spoons. On tables there was also another maslenichnaja meal: steering-wheels, rolls with a poppy, jam and nuts. From samovars poured mulled wine. Those who has arrived in time, as for example actor Igor Kvasha, have not regretted: already through a pair of clocks when visitors began to start up in shop, entertainments does not remain.
From rjazhenoj publics were allocated managers Bosco di Ciliegi: Dressed in Russian national suits and in handwork kokoshniks, they scurried about between visitors, rattled rattles and congratulated all on a holiday. The favourite of glossy magazines Konstantin Andrikopulos - bajer Bosco - sported in a kokoshnik and a mask of a cow. Buffoons on stilts jumped under smash hits 70 - h.
Zanjatno was to observe of treated pancakes. They were divided on two groups. One was made by the men of the representative kind who has arrived on jeeps with numerous security guards. They have begun to absorb greedy pancakes hands, without feeling sorry thus some caviar. Other, not less solid misters, stood with plates on which was on two - three fritters with hardly appreciable hill of caviar, and ate by means of plugs and knifes.
when blinnaja ceremony has ended, head Bosco di Ciliegi Michael Kusnirovich solemnly cut a ribbon and has invited the cold visitors in a premise of new shop. The four-storeyed department store has inside appeared is reconstructed to unrecognizability: According to mister Kusnirovicha, in the project Articoli - Spring it has been enclosed more than $30 million
Solemn opening it was accompanied by retrospective display of fashion designer Vyacheslav Zajtseva. Models went on escalators of all four levels. Visitors among whom were the deputy of the State Duma Vladislav Tretjak, the councillor of directors of Alpha bank Alexander Gafin, TV presenter Alexander Strizhenov, figure skater Irina Slutsky, gymnast Alexey Nemov, the director of the Moscow house of a photo Olga Sviblova and the ambassador of Italy Dzhanfranko Fakko Bonetti, were treated now small zavarnymi with cakes and champagne Widow Kliko . Has distracted visitors arrival of the head of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodina with several security guards. Michael Friedman (head ` the Alpha - groups `. - ) one has arrived, and what for - that five security guards were necessary for Borodino. At Kusnirovicha - that who will attack it? - public was whispered.
have for a short while glanced Galina Volchek and Oleg Yankovsky. Special attention to a new institution was shown by the invariable visitor of all actions Bosco the dancer of ballet Andris Liepa. Together with wife Katya they have examined all huge shop: only two hours has left on bags, accessories and exclusive cosmetics. And a press - the secretary of a broadcasting company the Center - TV plus Alla Ruga, and behind it and other visitors were not kept and have started to shop - after have found out in glasses with champagne instead of pineapples discount cards Articoli - Spring .
Began to darken. Michael Kusnirovich in a suit of the clown left on a porch, under music a film Melodies of the white night fireworks have begun, have lighted the Pancake week stuffed animal, and all have cried: Farewell, winter! Ur, spring! ` Artikoli `, hurrah!