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To readers of the newspaper

Bishop Egorevsky MARK, the vice-president of department of external church communications of the Moscow patriarchy
the Lent
Dear brothers and sisters! I congratulate you on the Lent beginning - special time in life of each orthodox Christian.
having established the Lent on an image of a forty-day post of the Christ in desert, the Church reminds us of our Heavenly Fatherland, calls for care about spirit life. Quite often wordly vanity entirely absorbs the person, time compelled the most part to spend in cares of terrestrial affairs, of a daily bread. The post which is of important making spiritual life, directs human spirit to gornemu, recreates integrity and harmony of the corporal and spiritual has begun in the person.
this good purpose is served also by the special system of Lent divine service approached to the monastic. Church chanting and prayers which sound these days in temples, call us for a repentance, to bridling of passions, to prayful reflexion about affairs of our life. Abstention and wordly amusements releases our forces from food for collecting of Tsarstvija Bozhija, becomes a basis for good deeds which should fill these sacred days. The church urges us to remember that corporal abstention will not bring any advantage if it will not be accompanied by resolute refusal of sinful affairs and thoughts and firm intention to follow Bozhiim to precepts. Being for us test of our fidelity in small - in refusal of ferial food and wordly amusements, sacred days of the Lent become for us virtue school, prepare our souls for a meeting of Revival Christ`s, to that our everyday life carried on itself a reflexion of easter pleasure, a reflexion of a victory of the Revived Christ over a sin and death.
I wish readers the Businessman - Orthodox believer - with advantage as a hobby and bodies to spend Sacred Chetyredesjatnitsu and sedmitsu Dominical sufferings and with a sincere heart to meet a holiday of Christ`s Easter. Let the come Lent becomes for us in the original spiritual spring, let fertile experience of these sacred days spiritually feeds us on all ways of our life.