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the Sport master left on international scene

Its partner there was group Sport 2000 International
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On the Russian market of the sport goods there is one of the largest foreign players - the European purchasing group Sport 2000 International. As it became known, she has signed with the company the Sport master the contract on intentions on which Russian ritejler can extend franchise Sport 2000 in regions. Before the similar agreement have signed the Russian company Delta - sports and group Intersport. Experts believe that now between the Sport master and Delta struggle for the markets of small regional cities will be developed.
purchasing group Sport 2000 is created in 1967 in France. Serves more than 30 independent networks in countries of Western Europe - for example, Sport 2000 (France and Germany), Sports World International (Great Britain), Sport Alliace (Italy), Team Sportia (Sweden), Baltsport (Baltic), leaders joint purchases and, according to a resource sport2000international. com, supervising 10,2 % of the European market of the sport goods. The group posesses marks Stuf, Dynamics, v3tec and others. The group turn in 2003 has made 3,5 billion
the Group of companies the Sport master it is created in 1997, specialises on trade in the sport goods. Largest of which " operates the several chain store systems; the Sport master (45 shops). In 2003 the group turn has made about $250 million
Having signed the contract on intentions with Sport 2000, the Sport master has got the right to work with this mark in all territory of the CIS. The accent will be made on franchise sale to regional shops by the area less than 500 sq. M (in Moscow shops under signboard Sport 2000 will not open). Besides, under this signboard the Sport master can open specialised shops and points of hire of equipment. Chief executive Sport 2000 International Finn Karlsen has informed that the agreement with the Sport master provides opening in 2004 nearby 20 franchajzingovyh shops, and in the future - to 60 shops in a year.
it is necessary to notice that the Sport master already began concept working out shop for regions - in 2003, for example, the company has opened some house-keeper - shops under a signboard sportlandija . According to the general director Sport masters Leonid Strahova, in regions the shop with the prices on 15 - 20 % more low, than in " is claimed; the Sport master where the average check makes $60 - 100. To create such shop, the assortment of an average and below average price level first of all is necessary, - mister Strahov speaks. - such assortment is at large purchasing groups . As he said, purchase franchajzingovymi partners of assortment of brands Sport 2000 - one of conditions of granting of the franchise. And according to one of regional dealers, to which the Sport master already suggested to buy the franchise, the share of goods Sport 2000 in shop should make from 30 % to 50 %.
According to participants of the market, an alliance Sport masters with someone from large western players it was predicted also for the reason that recently similar agreement has been signed between purchasing group Intersport largest in Europe and the company Delta - sports . Earlier at ` Sport masters ` were not competitors - shops of such size and assortment more at anybody were not. And with franchise Intersport ` the Delta ` not only can open the same shops, but also will have behind shoulders of the partner with a turn more 6 billion Alliance with Sport 2000 equalises forces ` the Sport master ` and ` Deltas ` - Sergey Sinehochin, the sales manager of a network " speaks; the Sir the Sportsman .
the Commercial director of the Krasnodar network the Higher league the Novel of Zavirjuha considers, as Delta - sports and the Sport master have gone on an alliance with foreigners, expecting to develop with their help a network in regions on which it is necessary about 50 % of the market of the sport goods (its total amount it is estimated in $0,6 - 1 mlrd in a year). Moscow is already divided, cities - millionnikov only ten, and cities with the population 200 - 700 thousand persons of hundred. To go to such cities, for example, most ` to the Sport master ` it is uninteresting, and here sale there franchises - good business. 700 - the thousand city will easily accept from three to five shops of a format ` Sportlandii `. But the cheap assortment and the international technologies of management of a network from several thousand shops at the Russian companies is not present. Intersport and Sport 2000 will give to the Russian partners both that and another - mister Zavirjuha concludes.