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MAP asks to start up on customs all banks

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On Friday the Ministry of an antimonopoly policy (MAP) declared that it has suggested the government to cancel system of the register of banks of the State customs committee (State Customs Committee). Thus, it has supported the small and average banks considering that it is enough to customs bank to observe Central Bank specifications only. However in the State Customs Committee insist that the size of the capital of bank is important also, and the register is necessary as an additional guarantee of payment of payments.
since January, 1st, 2004, according to the Customs code, for inclusion in the register of the State Customs Committee banks should have an authorised capital stock not less than 200 million rbl., and own capital - not less than 1 mlrd rbl. Thus, 35 banks could be excluded from the State Customs Committee register, before having the right to act as guarantors before customs bodies. However with the petition for small and average banks to the prime minister - to the minister the first deputy of the chairman of the council of federation Valery Goregljad has addressed. As a result of the State Customs Committee has decided not to exclude from the register the banks already brought in it (see from 22 more in detail. 01. 04).
However, the State Customs Committee decision concerned only those banks which have promised to bring the indicators into accord with the Customs code. With insufficiently big capital of it it seemed to banks a little. And chairman of board of directors Monchebanka Igor of Protections, chairman of the board MPI - bank Marina Jurchenko, president Uralvneshtorgbanka (UVTB) Valerian Popkov and the chairman of the board of bank JUgra Alevtina Kashaeva have addressed in MAP. We believe that norms of the new Customs code on is minimum admissible sizes of own means and an authorised capital stock of the authorised banks offer not competitive advantages to a number of participants - they have written.
In MAPe have instantly responded to the request of bankers. delivery of guarantees to banks should be adhered exclusively to observance by banks of specifications of the Central Bank and then the State Customs Committee register as that is not necessary - Andrey Kashevarov has declared on Friday of the deputy minister on an antimonopoly policy. As he said, on an exception of the Customs code of system of the register of the credit organisations the ministry has already sent offers in the government. The high-ranking source in the Central Bank, wished to remain not named, also has declared: Absolute values under the capital do not play a role, after all the capital can be any, risks are excluded only by observance of specifications .
Small and average banks remained are happy with this idea. though we also have found our bank in the register of the State Customs Committee till 2005, this theme for us is rather actual, - has declared the director of bank ` the Credit - Moscow ` Olga Lygina. - Initiatives MAPa are difficult be not to supporting . The vice-president of board Juniastrum - bank Vyacheslav Shokhin also considers that for occurrence in the register it would be more logical to choose the companies not on the size of the capital, and by criteria of financial stability and performance of specifications of the Central Bank . We, of course, support these initiatives MAPa, it is necessary to change the law on the Customs code - vice-president UVTB Vladimir Mehrjakov believes also.
However in a press - service of the State Customs Committee of initiative MAPa have commented so: the Customs code is the law of direct action, and we fulfil the requirements put in the legislation. At the same time the register is an additional guarantee of payment of payments. In the end of 1990 - h at us was years experience with several banks when the proguaranteed payments did not arrive. We believe that the size of the capital of bank is an element of its financial stability .
will watch succession of events.