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Calendar of the investor 24 - on February, 29th

on February, 24th
On the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and RTS the auctions ordinary and preference shares Open Society " stop; Dalsvjaz as on February, 24th there will be a placing of releases ordinary and Open Society preference shares. placing will pass by converting in the action of the same category with bolshej a face-value with face value change. The auctions by actions Dalsvjazi will be renewed after registration of Federal Commission on Securities of Russia of reports on placing results.
on February, 25th
the Moscow arbitration court will consider the claim of minority shareholders of YUKOS about a recognition void dopemissii the shares of company, placed on the closed subscription in favour of the former owners Sibneft .
the section of extralist securities of the list of trading system of RTS joins ordinary actions Open Society Scientifically - industrial corporation ` Irkut ` .
Board of directors Open Society Gazprom will consider the problem on strategy of long-term loans of the company for the period till 2013, and also will confirm the report on control over use of proficiency of the budget of Open Society.
on February, 26th
the Board of directors YUKOS will approve the production plan for 2004 and will accept the final decision about the return transaction between YUKOS and Sibneft on division of the companies.
board of directors Open Society Factory ` Red Sormovo ` will confirm results of work of the enterprise in 2003, will appoint date of carrying out of meeting of shareholders and will confirm the candidates recommended to shareholders for election in new structure of board of directors.
on February, 27th
Board of directors the Russian Open Society UES of Russia will consider principles of formation and isolation of the wholesale generating companies and possibility of creation of the territorial generating companies by souchrezhdenija their several joint-stock company - energo. Also council will discuss projects of reforming of Open Society Altajenergo Open Society Burjatenergo and Open Society Tjumenenergo .
Extraordinary meeting of shareholders joint-stock company Incorporated machine-building factories (OMZ) will consider the problem on the additional issue of actions necessary for association with concern Power machines . Board of directors OMZ which has taken place on January, 27th, 2004, recommended to meeting of shareholders to make the decision on increase in an authorised capital stock of a society and additional issue in 35 million 350 thousand ordinary actions OMZ. Face value of actions dopemissii will make 10 copecks, as well as at present shares of company. Besides, the board of directors on the basis of an independent estimation has defined the price of placing of additional ordinary actions OMZ for the persons having the right of priority of acquisition of placed additional ordinary actions, in 354,32 rbl.
Extraordinary meeting of shareholders joint-stock company Ural it is mountain - the metallurgical company will consider the problem on increase in an authorised capital stock of a society by placing of additional issue of actions.
the extraordinary meeting of shareholders Open Society " Will take place; Severstal - a car . On the agenda - a question on increase in an authorised capital stock of Open Society by placing of additional actions.
on February, 28th
Minority shareholders YUKOS can receive intermediate dividends for first nine months 2003. meeting of shareholders of YUKOS has made on November, 28th, 2003 the decision on payment of dividends for nine months 2003 at a rate of 26,78 rbl. on one ordinary action. Dividends should be paid till February, 28th, 2004 to the shareholders registered in the register of shareholders as of September, 25th, 2003.
Sources of the information: Depozitarno - the clearing company, National depozitarnyj the centre, stock exchanges of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and RTS.