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Silvi to the Father-in-law: the actress should be able all

the Owner Sezara for Best Actress SILVI to the FATHER-in-law has answered questions.
- why in every second French film there is a Japanese theme?
- For the French Latin culture Japan - the most mysterious country. And to the mysterious pulls.
- that has involved personally you in a role of Ameli, the heroine of a film Fear and trembling ?
- Opposition and an inclination of two cultures is presented here in a comedy genre. My heroine and its chief - the Japanese are intrigued, hypnotised the friend by the friend, the Frenchwoman wants to become the Japanese and on the contrary. It is excellent possibility for the actress to play something like Persons Bergman or a film Happy Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Nagisy Oshimy, only with humour. It is pleasant to me also that in a picture there is a theme of female sexual rivalry. Our heroines as if would sniff at one another.
- your partner - the atypical Japanese: high and statnaja, with a magnificent make-up. Ameli - the slob, cleans toilets at office. You were not afraid to grow dim against the competitor?
- the Actress should be able to play all. Besides, it is necessary to tell that my partner... In the homeland it is not considered the beauty standard: for this purpose it too high. Do not forget that film action occurs about ten years ago. Now the fashion on two-metre models has reached and Japan, but all - taki each culture has the traditional idea about beauty.