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Were vitse - the governor have ordered on behalf of FSB

Smolensk business

Smolensk regional Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges on instigation to murder were vitse - the governor of the Smolensk region Anatoly Makarenko. Under the version of Office of Public Prosecutor, the inhabitant of Smolensk Edward Tchernyshov on behalf of certain the general - the colonel of FSB offered the employee local RUBOPa $50 thousand for its liquidation.
Eks - vitse - governor Anatoly Makarenko is a second year in imprisonment before trail. The history has begun that in May, 2002 in suburb of Smolensk its office car has been shot. The driver was lost, two persons, including mister Makarenko, have been wounded. The official has accused of Victor Maslov`s attempt, chief UFSB of the Smolensk region of that time, after become by the governor. A year later the world court of Smolensk recognised Anatoly Makarenko guilty of slander on Victor Maslov. And soon were vitse - the governor has been accused of swindle with excise marks on alcoholic production for the sum of 15 million rbl. Together with it under charge the former officials and businessmen have got some more.
Being in a pre-trial detention centre, Anatoly Makarenko declared time and again that try to kill him because he ostensibly owns the compromising evidence on the high-ranking officials of the Smolensk region. Really, in a pre-trial detention centre to mister Makarenko there were unusual things. So, on May, 22nd, 2003 were vitse - the governor from the chamber have resulted on a banquet which passed on the eighth floor UFSB across the Smolensk region. There two ensigns of management drank and had a snack with authoritative businessman Yeliseyev by a nickname the Bear, the former member OPG of Tigrana Petrosyan - Olevsky (last passed suspect on one business with vitse - the governor). Participants of a feast set were vitse - to the governor loaded questions like How you think, your business will reach court or not? .
Next day mister Makarenko has written the complaint to actions of employees UFSB to the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Smolensk region Victor Semenovu and public prosecutor Yury Verhovtsevu. To ensigns declared summary punishments, and it is more than Anatoly Makarenko on similar actions did not invite.
however, according to the wife of mister Makarenko Natalia Dianovoj, on it misadventures eks - the official have not ended. On February, 8th Zhilvinasa Balnisa were going to take out her husband to Krasninsky area on criminal case of the citizen of Lithuania. We about this criminal case have heard for the first time also we know nothing. And here suddenly the husband have carried on any investigatory action, - madam Dianova to the correspondent has told. - it is natural, I have rushed to our judge and have found out that he did not resolve any exports in area . Anatoly Makarenko is assured that the trip would end for it tragically. Natalia Dianova too considers that Anatoly Mihajlovicha simply would shoot .
And last week there was an acknowledgement of these fears. It became known that the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Smolensk region has filed criminal charges upon preparation for murder of mister Makarenko. Edward Tchernyshov who, as appears from materials prowhispers of telephone conversations, incited to kill Anatoly Makarenko employee RUBOP of the Smolensk region Ruslana Moskaleva who repeatedly escorted the prisoner became the main suspects smoljanin.
according to the investigation, citizen Tchernyshov has offered the militiaman $50 thousand for elimination eks - vitse - the governor and has promised to get automatic machines and the car for order execution. And in telephone negotiations Edward Tchernyshov asserted that the order has been received in Moscow from certain the general - the colonel of FSB of Russia:
Ruslan Moskalev: And who orders?
Edward Tchernyshov: Powerful..., people!
River M: And to whom it (Makarenko. - ) disturbs?
E. CH: In Moscow disturbs. I will not speak, to whom... There, more shortly, feesbeshniki... The order have made. The general - the colonel left... Speaks: and to Maslov, on h... Tell, will go to the remote village the divisional, on h... Because they have ruined here this business, on h... (It is visible, attempt at Anatoly Makarenko means on May, 16th, 2002. - ).
River M: It is office serious... As though us with you then did not liquidate, what for it witnesses.
E. CH: Us do not liquidate, absolutely!
after conversations with citizen Tchernyshov sobrovets has written the official report to the heads. On the basis of these materials the Smolensk regional Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges against Edward Tchernyshov under the item 33 and 105 criminal codes of Russian Federation ( Attempt at murder ) . At present all films with conversations on this theme are attached to criminal case.
Edward Tchernyshov has been detained and after a while is placed in the same insulator where Anatoly Makarenko, a pre-trial detention centre #67/ 1 sits. There the prospective customer of murder and its victim almost have spent three weeks together. Only after the instruction of the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Smolensk region Alexey Markova which forbade joint holding in custody of these prisoners, them have dissolved on different chambers.
according to Makarenko, the repeated order for its elimination has arrived from - that it it is informed on criminal activity of the higher officials of the Smolensk region . In this connection the prisoner has addressed to the judge of Lenin district court Evgenie Ovchinnikovu with the request to accept all measures on maintenance of its safety, including an interdiction for any etapirovanie on request of UFSB the Smolensk region, including etapirovanie in other courts .