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Teapots have killed 12 gangsters


Office of Public Prosecutor of the Saratov region has finished an investigation of the case of mass execution at firm office the Thunder-storm in 1995. In its region considered as a crime of decade. After eight years it was found out, who has made it.
firm the Thunder-storm belonged to Igor Chikunovu (CHikunu) which headed one of the most influential criminal groupings - parkovskuju (in the Saratov city park in the end of 80 - h the youth living in vicinities) gathered. Igor Chikunov supervised the covered market - one of the largest shops of Saratov, was the founder of several wide-profile firms and owned actions Saratov NPZ.
in the Evening on November, 20th, 1995 at firm office the Thunder-storm located on suburb of sleeping Factory area, were Igor Chikunov and 12 its colleagues. They drank beer and painted pulku. Unexpectedly two have come into office and have opened shooting. They have let out 14 bullets, have then recharged the weapon and have made some control shots. From 13 persons on a place have been killed 11, including Igor Chikunova. One more has died in hospital. As has found out a consequence, shot from pistols of a TT of the Chinese manufacture. The weapon has been found on the next dustbin.
this crime has done noise. To Saratov even came spetsbrigada the Ministry of Internal Affairs led by the present assistant to the public prosecutor Vladimir Kolesnikov. But then murder have not opened.
there were two versions of a crime, informal and official. According to the first, grouping Chikuna was destroyed by group under the name the White arrow . The press then asserted that the group consists of the former employees of department on struggle against the organised crime, which take out death sentences. But existence the White arrow it has not been proved.
According to the second version, Igor Chikunov has suffered for oil. Asserted that he bought the Mongolian oil, it processed on Saratov NPZ, and gasoline went to Moscow. Igor Chikunova have ostensibly killed that he has decided to sell itself gasoline in Moscow. But also this version was scattered.
to open murder it was possible casually. In the summer of 2003 employees operatively - razysknogo bureaus of the Privolzhsky Department of Internal Affairs on transport have become interested criminal authority Alexey Tsygankov, leaving lifelong term for murder of three participants of the grouping Teapots . Tsygankov not only has shot colleagues but has chopped off it heads and brushes of hands.
then detectives UVDT had an information that the leader Teapots it can be involved in variety of murders, in particular to murder in 1994 of the head of the Privolzhsky railway of Yury Tsittelja. However, this crime authority On itself did not take, but admitted mass execution at office Thunder-storms and even named to field investigators a name of the accomplice: Michael Orlov. That has been detained on July, 16th, 2003 in settlement May Day on suburb of Saratov. At a search at it the pistol of Makarova and heroin have been found.
Tsygankov admitted murder at once, - the inspector has told. - has given evidences which in details have coincided with reports of survey of a scene. The second, truth, very long denied all, but it will not rescue it: too many obvious proofs. Tsygankov - the fellow unusual. For example, at it have found a notebook with citations from Nitsshe and Schopenhauer, and also dialogues which it conducted good luck. On a cover it has been written: ` To be a victim it is not talented ` .
As considers a consequence, the conflict from - for jewelry stores became an occasion to Igor Chikunova`s murder and participants of its brigade. CHikun and its people have selected some shops and when that began to stand up for the rights at Tsygankov`s friends, cruelly it have beaten. Tsygankov has decided to revenge and since summer of 1995 practised bullet shooting. Then it has arrived with the friend in the Thunder-storm ostensibly to reconcile with Chikunom. Tsygankov and Eagles have free entered into office - protection knew them - and have there and then started to shoot.
accusations in a premeditated murder with aggravating circumstances are brought to Alexey Tsygankov and Michael Orlovu. In the spring in the Saratov regional court process will begin.